Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Annual Report of the Audit and Standards Committee 2021/2212/08/2022For Determination13/09/2022
Acceptance and Use of CCG Funding by Public Health on Health Inequalities12/08/2022For Determination13/09/2022
Approval to purchase Reminiscence Interactive Therapy Activities (RITA)12/08/2022For Determination13/09/2022
Appointment/Re-appointment of a Local Authority governor.12/08/2022For Determination13/09/2022
Selective Landlord Licensing Schemes12/08/2022For Determination13/09/2022
Housing Delivery Test Action Plan12/08/2022For Determination13/09/2022
Gateshead Physical Activity Strategy12/08/2022For Determination13/09/2022
Proposed New Allocations Policy and Tenancy Strategy12/08/2022For Determination13/09/2022
Housing Development Strategy and Programme20/06/2022For Determination13/09/2022
Decisions made under delegated powers over the summer recess 202212/08/2022For Determination13/09/2022
Appointment of new public analyst21/02/2022For Determination13/09/2022
Review of the Council’s Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Policy and Conditions 202223/12/2021For Determination13/09/2022