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Gateshead Health and Wellbeing Board - Friday, 9th June, 2023 10.00 am

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Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Alice Wiseman, Helen Fergusson and Steve Thomas.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 123 KB

The minutes of the meeting held on 21 April 2023 are attached for approval together with the Action List.

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(i)            That the minutes of the meeting held on 21 April 2023 be approved.

(ii)           That the action list update be noted.


Declarations of Interest

Members of the Board to declare an interest in any particular agenda item.



(i)            That there were no declarations of interest.


Updates from Board Members


Dale Owens advised the Board that the Safeguarding Adults Board (SAB) Chair has resigned; it was explained that interviews for a replacement are scheduled and will be finished by 23 June 2023. The Board were also advised that a SAB development day is being planned for September 2023.


Andrea Houlihan provided an update on a recent service inspection within Children’s Social Care and Lifelong Learning; the Board will receive a substantive update on the inspection and outcomes at the September meeting of the Board.


Councillor Caffrey updated the Board on a recent meeting with Trudy Davies, the new Chief Executive of the QE Hospital; the Board were advised that Trudy has shared some good ideas for transformation at the hospital, this included the recruitment of occupational therapists in addition to nursing apprenticeships. It was suggested that a further update on this matter could be provided at a future Board meeting.


Lisa Goodwin provided the Board with an update on the demands on mental health services. It was noted that Julia Perry at Connected Voice would be leading on assessing this demand.


Lynn Wilson gave an update to the Board about an event in Durham which was organised to undertake a deep-dive on the process and workstreams of recruiting more people into social care roles. It was noted that this event also focussed on streamlining access to social care jobs and apprenticeships. The Board agreed to receive an update on this event at the next meeting.



(i)               That the Board note the updates provided.



Gateshead Place Plan - Lynn Wilson and Kirsty Sprudd pdf icon PDF 95 KB

Additional documents:


The Board received a copy of the final version of the NENC ICB Gateshead Plan.


The Board were advised that whilst the plan as it was presented is in its final iteration it is intended to be a live document that will change and evolve.


It was noted that the plan is to be published on 14 June 2023.



(i)               That the Board agree the NENC ICB Gateshead Plan.



Update on Learning Disability & Autism, and the Mental Health Transformation - Angela Kumar and Gail Balance pdf icon PDF 204 KB


The Board received a presentation providing an update on mental health, learning disability and autism.


An overview of priorities for the transformation of services was provided, this included the continued integration of teams at a primary care level and the development of the older adults mental health pathway.


The Board also noted updates in relation to workforce integration at a primary care level; it was reported that there are to be 10 peer support workers in addition to other specialist roles to support patients. A summary of system integration plans was also provided; the Board acknowledged the importance of these plans, particularly with regard to increasing engagement with the VCSE sector.


From the update on older adults pathways it was presented that there is to be a review of mental health services for older adults in Gateshead; it was highlighted that there is to be a joint review of older adult’s residential care contracts and a review of older adult’s crisis pathways.


An update was presented on children and young people’s mental health services, the Board were advised that there is to be a review of the single point of access in addition to plans for prevention training in schools.


The Board noted that the transformation plans were being developed with the inclusion of peer research from system partners and service users.


Board members discussed the spike in demand for mental health services across Gateshead; it was acknowledged that the pandemic had a detrimental impact on the mental health of residents across all age groups. The Board also discussed the impact of the current cost of living crisis on mental health; particularly those on low income.


It was suggested that the transformation plans could be linked with Gateshead Council’s ongoing homelessness review with an update being provided to the Housing Provider Partnership. The Board welcomed the plans presented to increase the mental health support available to young people in schools.



(i)               That the Board note the update.

(ii)              That the Board support the plans presented.


Prevent Update - Claire Wheatley pdf icon PDF 222 KB


The Board received a presentation providing an update from Northumbria Police on its Prevent Strategy.


From the presentation, the Board were advised that the PCC Police and Crime Plan has three aims: fighting crime, preventing crime and improving lives. It was highlighted that the overarching purpose of Northumbria Police is to “keep people safe and fight crime”.


The Board noted that the strategy’s aims for harm reduction in communities centred around early intervention and prevention. The Board also noted that partnership working was crucial for the strategy’s success and expressed support for continued community engagement.


It was presented that prevention strategies had been split across three tiers: primary, secondary and tertiary prevention. It was also noted that Northumbria Police will take an intelligence led, analytical approach to understand serious violence.


From the presentation it was also noted that Northumbria Police will continue to work in collaboration with the Violence Reduction Unit and other partners to tackle the causes of offending and support victims through prevention, engagement, education and enforcement.


The Board expressed its support to the strategy and its aims; the Board also discussed the impact of poor mental health on policing and communities. It was acknowledged that Northumbria Police are often the first on scene when a person is in mental health crisis but that officers do not have the necessary tools to be able to provide adequate initial support to individuals, particularly at a crime scene. It was noted that Northumbria Police have an integrated triage team that can be utilised for individuals in need of support with their mental health but that more work needs to be done.


It was asked whether there will be a reduction in the number of PCSO’s across the workforce; it was explained that there is to be a small reduction in PCSO’s.



(i)               That the Board note the update.


Assurance Sub-Group - Dale Owens


The Board received a presentation providing an update on the proposed assurance sub-group of the Health & Wellbeing Board.


From the presentation, the Board were provided with an overview of the CQC Assurance framework; it was noted that health and social care providers have moved to a new single assessment framework.


The Board noted that in establishing an assurance sub-group of the Board there would be increased confidence that assurance is being addressed at a system level. It was also highlighted that the sub-group could play a role in identifying areas for development across the system and gather evidence of system level stewardship.


An overview of the sub-groups proposed structure and governance was discussed; the Board also noted that further information on the sub-group would be presented at the Health & Care System Board. The Board also recognised that membership of the sub-group could be fluid with officers participating in specific/targeted projects or task and finish groups.



(i)               That the Board support the establishment of an assurance sub-group.



Gateshead Cares System Board Update - Mark Dornan/All


The Board received an update from the Gateshead Cares System Board.


From the update, the Board were provided with an overview of the development of the draft Gateshead Place Plan and updates on Gateshead Cares Alliance Agreement programme areas for Children and Young People / Best start in life and the development of Primary Care Networks. From the presentation the Board were also given a summary of discussions in relation to the development of Integrated Neighbourhood Teams.



(i)               That the Board note the update.


Gateshead Better Care Fund end of year return for 2022/23 - John Costello (Attached separately)



(i)               That the Board agreed the Gateshead Better Care Fund end of year return for 2022/23.

(ii)              The Board also noted the arrangements for developing the Better Care Fund submission for 2023-25 which needs to be submitted to NHS England by 28th June. The submission will be brought to the next meeting of the Board for endorsement.




There was no other business.