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Gateshead Health and Wellbeing Board - Friday, 22nd October, 2021 9.00 am

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Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Dr Mark Dornan, James Duncan, Lisa Goodwin and Steph Downey.



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The minutes of the business meeting held on 10 September 2021 and Action List are attached for approval.

Additional documents:



(i)               The minutes of the last meeting held on 10 September 2021 were agreed as a correct record.


The Board also received an update on items contained within the Action List.



Declarations of Interest

Members of the Board to declare an interest in any particular agenda item.


Siobhan O’Neil declared an interest in Item 4 as a member of the North East Child Poverty Trust.



(i)               The Board noted the declaration of interest.



Addressing Poverty update - Lisa Goodwin and Marisa Jobling (Presentation)


The Board received a presentation from Marisa Jobling providing an update on addressing poverty in Gateshead. Due to apologies being received from Lisa Goodwin it was agreed that the update on behalf of Connected Voice would be deferred.


From the presentation, the Board received an overview of poverty triggers within the borough, this included income, levels of debt and claims to Universal Credit. It was highlighted that there are currently 22,000 Universal Credit claimants within Gateshead.


The Board were provided with data illustrating the impact of welfare reform on council rent arrears since 2013; it was also noted that demand from local people for financial support continues to be a priority for the Council. An overview of support provided by the Council to residents was provided, this included Council Tax support, hardship relief, free school meals and discretionary housing payments.


The Board noted that Community Hubs across Gateshead had received 9,468 requests for help; it was reported that the hubs had provided support by providing emergency food provision, social welfare advice as well as emotional support and counselling.


Two case studies were also presented, these case studies highlighted the Council’s approach to addressing poverty issues faced by residents. The Board noted its thanks to all officers involved in supporting residents and reaching positive outcomes.


The Board noted that the case studies highlighted the importance of approaching each case individually and providing bespoke solutions for residents. A comment was made stating that an important factor in preventing poverty was to create jobs; the Board also acknowledged that those in employment can face in-work poverty due to low wages and other factors. It was noted that Gateshead Council are a living wage employer and that commissioned services and partners are encouraged to be living wage employers too.


A discussion took place on the impact of welfare reform on poverty, the Board noted that the housing benefit cap and changes to child benefit had adversely affected many people. The Board also discussed the impact of poverty on mental health; the Board were advised that 1/5 Gateshead residents were currently prescribed anti-depressants. The Board acknowledged that there was no quick solution to the issues facing many residents, it was also noted that in many cases it takes a long time for services to build trust with individuals.


The Board discussed the importance of both health services and the community and voluntary sector in tackling poverty. It was noted that as local authority budgets become strained, work with partner organisations was important to ensure that service provision is as sustainable as possible.


The Board were reminded that under the upcoming changes to its membership, there would be new representation from officers from Economy, Innovation and Growth.



(i)               The Board noted the contents of the presentation.

(ii)              The Board agreed to receive the planned update from Connected Voice at a future meeting.



Covid-19 Response & Vaccine Update - Alice Wiseman/Lynn Wilson


The Board received a presentation providing an update on the Covid-19 response and vaccination rollout across Gateshead.


It was reported that cases are rising locally, comparative date from neighbouring authorities was also provided which showed that cases were rising most across North Tyneside, Northumberland and Gateshead.


The Board noted that the relaxation of Covid rules coupled with the changes to the season were a cause for concern. Alice Wiseman advised the Board that she had written to all Gateshead schools to encourage the maintenance and implementation of Covid measures wherever possible.


The Board were provided with an overview of the vaccine rollout aimed at those aged 12-15. It was acknowledged that the rollout of vaccinations to younger people had caused some controversy nationally, notably as a result of vaccine-deniers and conspiracy theorists.


The Board discussed the announced changes by Government to improve access to GP’s had been demoralising; the Board were advised that both GP and pharmacy services were currently working under intolerable pressures.



(i)               The Board noted the update.



Agree substantive agenda items for 10th December Board meeting


The Board agreed to have a further discussion on addressing poverty at its December Board meeting which would cover the work of Connected Voice and the VCS in this area.


An item will also be brought to the December Board meeting by the Gateshead system on planning for changes to the health landscape from April 2022.


In order to accommodate these items, the Board were advised that an item on the development of Healthwatch priorities would now be considered at the January Board meeting.


It was suggested that the Board may wish to discuss the impact of the Healthy Weight Strategy at a future meeting. The Board also received a suggestion to receive an update on winter pressures faced by partners in the context of the pandemic.



(i)               The Board noted the suggestions.



Safeguarding Adults Board Annual Report and Strategic Plan - Jon Gaines pdf icon PDF 46 KB

Additional documents:


The Board received a report seeking its views on the Safeguarding Adults

Board (SAB) 2020/21 Annual Report and 2019/24 Strategic Plan (2021 update).


From the report, the Board were advised that the SAB 2021/21 annual report provides an overview of the policy context and of the SAB structure, governance and scrutiny arrangements. It was also noted that the report documents the SAB arrangements during Covid-19


The Board were advised that the Annual Report also summarises Safeguarding Adult performance information and Safeguarding Adult Review activity. It was reported that key achievements of the SAB during 2020/21 were documented within the report and are aligned to the five Strategic Priorities. These included:


·        Recruitment of three new lay members to the Board

·        Hosting a regional transitional safeguarding workshop, in partnership with South Tyneside

·        Development and implementation of the Northumbria Missing Adults Protocol

·        Delivery of a more flexible training programme in light of Covid-19 restrictions

·        Effective communication during Covid-19, and successful awareness raising programme during Safeguarding Adults Week

·        Development of the SAB Multi-Agency Policy and Procedures


From the Strategic Plan 2019/24 (2021 Refresh) the Board were advised that the five-year Strategic Plan that was first published in 2019 is refreshed on an annual basis to ensure that it continues to reflect the priorities of the Board. The 2021 refresh confirmed that the five strategic priorities remain fit for purpose.


These strategic priorities were noted as:

·        Quality Assurance

·        Prevention

·        Community Engagement and Communication

·        Improved Operational Practice

·        Implementing Mental Capacity Act / Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards


It was reported that the 2021 refresh details changes to the Sub-Group arrangements of the Board, including the merger of two previous groups to create the Quality, Learning and Practice Group. It was noted that the refresh incorporates additional actions including:


·        Supporting closer integration of services across the wider Gateshead System

·        Working in partnership with the new regional victim to support victims of exploitation

·        Improve partnership working to safeguard people who experience homelessness

·        Strengthen multi-agency safeguarding transition arrangements, including procedures for responding to child to parent violence


It was suggested that as part of the communications strategy of the SAB that Councillors receive safeguarding training. Officers noted this suggestion and proposed that a members seminar be organised.



(i)               The Board agreed to continue receiving updates in relation to Safeguarding Adults.



Outcomes from Ofsted Visit: Children's Services - Caroline O'Neill


The Board were advised that a ‘front door’ inspection from Ofsted had taken place within Children’s Services. The Board received a verbal summary of the comments received from Ofsted following the inspection. It was agreed that the Board would receive the full outcome report of the inspection at a future meeting.


The Board noted its thanks to all of the staff within Children’s Services.



(i)               The Board agreed to receive a copy of the Ofsted report once published at a future meeting.



Better Care Fund 2021/22: Arrangements for completing the 2021/22 submissions to NHSE/I - John Costello


The Board were advised of the requirements of NHS Planning guidance in relation to the Better Care Fund for 2021/22 and the arrangements that have to be put in place to meet those requirements. It was noted that the BCF Plan needs to be submitted to NHSE/I by 16 November 2021. The Board were advised that the full plan would be presented at the December 2021 meeting. Although the assurance process will have started at that point, NHSE/I will not approve plans until they have been signed off by all required parties, including the Health and Wellbeing Board..



(i)               The Board noted the update.



Updates from Board Members



(i)         There were no updates.





(i)               There was no other business.