Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Land at Charlton Walk01/02/2023For Determination21/02/2023
Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill – Reforms to National Planning Policy - consultation proposals and the Council’s Response01/02/2023For Determination21/02/2023
Information Governance Framework23/01/2023For Determination21/02/2023
Appointment/Re-appointment of a Local Authority governor23/01/2023For Determination21/02/2023
Admissions Arrangements and Co-ordinated admission schemes for Primary and Secondary Schools for academic year 2024/2523/01/2023For Determination21/02/2023
Surplus Declarations23/01/2023For Determination21/02/2023
Community Asset Transfer23/01/2023For Determination21/02/2023
Housing Revenue Account (HRA) Budget and Housing Capital Programme23/01/2023For Determination21/02/2023
Base Budget and Council Tax Level 2023/2423/01/2023For Determination21/02/2023
Fees & Charges 2023/2423/01/2023For Determination21/02/2023
Capital Programme 2023/24 to 2027/2823/01/2023For Determination21/02/2023
Energy Tariffs 2023-24 for Gateshead HEIGHTs23/01/2023For Determination21/02/2023