Agenda item

New Performance Framework Update

Report of the Strategic Director, Resources and Digital


Committee received an update report on the development and implementation of the new Performance Management and Improvement Framework (PMIF) for the Council.


It was noted that this was approved by Council in May. Work is ongoing to further develop targets, measures and baselines and a further report will be brought back to this Committee in the Autumn on performance against the new measures.


Committee was reminded that the aims of the PMIF is to;

·        Enable effective delivery of the Council’s Thrive policy and the Health and Wellbeing Strategy

·        Ensure effective resource development

·        Make both better informed short and long-term effective decisions

·        Embedded and owned by councillors and employees

·        A whole systems approach – embedded in our partnership working to deliver the Health and Wellbeing Strategy


The framework is cross cutting therefore measures per Committee have been set out. The Families OSC themes and measures are mostly around the Corporate Framework and HWB Strategy Policy Objectives for;

·        Give every child the best start in life

·        Enable all young people and adults to maximise their capabilities and have control over their lives


The draft measures for each of these areas were highlighted, including Free School Meal take up, schools gradings, number of LAC. It was noted that not all measures are new and that the new PMIF has kept those previous indicators that worked well.


It was noted that engagement has been key in the development of the framework and that it is important for employees to understand how they link to Thrive. Employee groups have been held and will continue to do so and work is ongoing to look at how to get messages to front line staff.  Work has also been held with partners, through a small working group and meetings have been held with the voluntary and community sector.


It was reported that a Corporate Data Management Group has been set up to focus on PMIF and enhanced analysis of data, presentation and visualisation.


The point was made that some measures are out of our control although there are targets we can influence such as access to open space free from waste. It was confirmed that some of those points would be covered in other OSC’s objectives but that potential measures around the perception of the area could be looked at further.


Concerns were raised that the use of ‘targets’ may lead to people focussing on easy to meet targets and therefore how can it be linked to quality of life. It was confirmed that this is something that is trying to be understood and that ‘targets’ will be used as indicators only. Therefore in the six month report there will be more of the ‘so what’ information, i.e. so what does that tell us, which will provide a broader picture. This will be measured through regular reviews and is an iterative approach.


It was questioned why there is no indicators around culture and youth provision. It was confirmed that culture may be covered in other areas but that does not mean it could not also be reported to this Committee.  It was also confirmed that the aim of the framework is to be responsive, so once an issue is identified something will be put in place to address it.


RESOLVED    -           That Committee was satisfied with progress made to date and

the next steps and noted that further engagement and involvement would continue through the implementation stage.

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