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Delivering Thrive - Approach to a New Performance Management

Report of the Strategic Director, Resources and Digital


The Committee received a report and presentation on the proposals to develop a new Performance Management Framework.  The Council’s current performance framework has been in place for several years and has evolved over time, however, there is a need to develop a new framework which better reflects the priorities of the Council and which enables it to manage performance and demonstrates delivery against Thrive priorities.


Any new framework also now needs to respond to the impacts of Covid-19 and the future shape and role of the Council.  While it is clear a new approach is needed, some elements of the existing approach that work and are valued could evolve within the new framework.


A new framework would have a range of underpinning features and also have a greater focus on impact and:


·        Is shaped around the characteristics needed to enable people to thrive

·        Is simple, responsive, timely and meaningful indicators

·        Empowers employees to drive improvement

·        Incorporates qualitative and quantitative approaches

·        Recognises locality-based approaches, population and community level interventions to improve

·        Considers partnerships, communities and aligned to key policies and strategies such a Health and Well-being Strategy, schools, housing outcomes

·        Is intelligence led, using evidence to learn and improve

·        Considers how to incorporate a wider range of data, for example linking to a ‘Data Hub’ approach

·        Measures the health of the organisation (balanced scorecard approach)

·        Enables members to scrutinise performance and see the impact of decision making


The Committee were presented with some examples of what other authorities are doing.  The Committee were advised that further engagement will take place across the Council with both elected members and services and that this is seen to be crucial to the development of a fit for purpose framework.


The Committee were asked to consider the following questions and their comments would be used towards the development of the framework, the Committee were also advised that further consultation would take place with Councillors in the coming months.


The Committee suggested that it was important that everyone has a shared understanding of what Thrive is meant to be about and that our staff see how what they do fits into the Thrive.


It was suggested that it is easier for Councillors to grasp how they contribute to thrive.  It was also noted that it is not just about quantity of outputs it is about quality of outputs.  We need to think about how do we know what we are going makes a difference.


It was noted that with regards to the notion of management and improvement plans and reduced resources we need to make sure that we concentrate resources where we can and that a management and improvement plan is focussed on what we can do.  It was suggested that we look at it in three elements which can be put in a simple way to it can be reported effectively.


It was suggested that we need to look at this in a way that is statistical but that it also qualitative, for example when we talk about employee absenteeism in percentages it can end up putting more pressure on.


It was noted that there had been a very positive discussion and at this point we really don’t know what is going to happen with the budget, it was suggested that it would be good to put teams together with different specialisms in order to become more effective so that council departments aren’t working in silos.  It was also suggested that whatever process is agreed should be tested and that if possible staff should have some involvement in the process / consultation and it was felt that it was important to have IT involved.


It was suggested that there should be a timeframe on how long the system should work for. 


It was noted that if we have a performance management framework that  highlights areas where performance is not doing so well, then it is at this point scrutiny can come in and ask questions about why and what could be done to improve e.g. service changes, posts etc.



RESOLVED -         (i)  That any further comments can be submitted to officers over the coming months; and

                               (ii) That councillors can contact officers if they wish to be further involved in the development of the framework

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