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This page lists the meetings for Council.


Information about Council

The full Council, consisting of 66 elected members, meets every six weeks, plus and annual meeting and a budget meeting.


Its role is to:


·         Agree the policy framework, strategies and plans;

·         Agree the budget;

·         Decide on the political management framework;

·         Appoint the Leader for a term of four years.


The Council also receives reports from the Cabinet portfolio holders and from Overview and Scrutiny Committees.  Councillors can put forward notices of motion, which initiate debates on topics of major significance to the Borough.   Councillors may also question the Leader and Cabinet Members, and present petitions on behalf of local residents.  Members of the public can also ask questions or present petitions, provided they give notice.


The six-weekly Council meeting is above all the ’public face’ of decision making – the forum at which all councillors gather to determine, in the public spotlight, the most significant policy issues facing the Borough.