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Gateshead Health and Wellbeing Board - Friday, 17th June, 2022 10.00 am

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Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Bernadette Oliphant, Councillor Leigh Kirton, Councillor Martin Gannon, Lisa Goodwin, Peter Udall and Siobhan O’Neill.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 218 KB

The minutes of the meeting held on 29 April 2022 are attached for approval, together with the Action List.

Additional documents:



(i)               The minutes of the last meeting held on 29 April 2022 were agreed as a correct record.

(ii)              The Board noted the updates outlined in the Action List.


Declarations of Interest

Members of the Board to declare an interest in any particular agenda item.



(i)               There were no declarations of interest.


Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment - Ed O'Malley pdf icon PDF 7 MB

Additional documents:


The Board received a report seeking views on the draft Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2022 prior to public consultation. Also appended to the report was a copy of the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) 2022.


It was reported that the development and publication of a PNA is a statutory responsibility of the Health and Wellbeing Board under the Health and Social Care Act 2012. It was also noted that the purpose of the PNA is twofold:


  • To determine if there are sufficient community pharmacies to meet the needs of the population of Gateshead.
  • To determine other services which could be delivered by community pharmacies to meet the identified health needs of the population.


The Board were advised that there is a requirement for consultation on the PNA with relevant stakeholders for a minimum of 60 days; it was highlighted that the consultation on the draft PNA addresses the following questions:


a)     To consider whether there is sufficient community pharmacies to meet the needs of the population, and particularly whether this is the case in the East locality of the Borough, and;

b)     To consider whether other services could be delivered by community pharmacies.


From the report, the Board noted that the consultation would take place from 20 June 2022 to 18 August 2022 with the final PNA being presented for approval at a Board meeting before the end of September 2022.


The Board noted concern about the lack of pharmacies in the west of Gateshead; an area of the borough where transport links are most limited and an increasing aging population. Concern was also noted that during the pandemic, some pharmacies had charged customers for their deliveries.


A comment was made stating that Chopwell has an excellent independent pharmacy that is not open at weekends. It was noted that customers in this area would have to travel to Blaydon or the Metrocentre at weekends if they required a prescription and that this would come with expensive public transport costs.


A further discussion took place on the expansion of new housing across Gateshead which is not being matched with increased GP or pharmacy provision. It was acknowledged that whilst distance-selling pharmacies are increasing in popularity there was a need for more services in the west.


A suggestion was made that mobile pharmacies could help to bridge the gap in areas where there are fewer pharmacies; a comment was made stating that there are mobile banks, libraries and vaccination sites so the idea of a mobile pharmacy was not unrealistic.


The Board also noted that the pharmacy network had been valuable to those in the community who were victims of domestic abuse as they were able to report their situations in private and access support.



(i)               The Board approved the proposed consultation on the draft PNA.

(ii)              The Board approved the recommendations with additions for inclusion in the PNA 2022.

(iii)            To bring an updated PNA to the September meeting of the Board



Anti-Social Behaviour Review - Peter Wright pdf icon PDF 317 KB


The Board received a report and presentation providing information on a review being undertaken into anti-social behaviour (ASB) in Gateshead.


It was reported that Gateshead’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy recognises that health and wellbeing is influenced by where people live and that the creation and development of sustainable places and communities is a key strategic aim.


The Board were advised that tackling ASB is a complex issue with expertise, responsibilities and powers shared across different agencies that take different approaches. It was noted that from 2021 the Gateshead Community Safety Board were supportive of a review of ASB services in Gateshead that would help services to better understand together how ASB is tackled in Gateshead.


It was highlighted that a number of participants took part in the review, this included Children’s Early Help services, Northumbria Police and Housing Services. From the presentation, the Board were then provided with an overview of the review and a summary of findings.


It was proposed that a period within which the redesigned way of working is tested is taken forward as planned. The Board were advised that this will involve the handling of real cases for a period of 4-6 months using the redesigned method to determine whether better outcomes can be achieved. From the report, the Board were also provided with a breakdown of the expertise that is being assembled to carry out the test phase.


A comment was made suggesting that both residents, victims and ex-perpetrators of ASB should be involved with the design of the new way of working. Officers noted the suggestion and advised that they were working with the resident involvement panel, tenants and leaseholders.


The Board also noted the importance of recognising the multiple and complex needs of both the victims and perpetrators of ASB. A comment was made noting that these needs should be met in a holistic manner with consideration to the “people at the heart” approach of delivering services.


Board members expressed frustration that current processes for dealing with ASB across partners could be slow and ineffective; the development of the new ways of working was welcomed.



(i)               The Board committed to support the ASB review and to receive a further update on the progress made at a future meeting.



Covid-19 Response & Vaccine Update - Alice Wiseman / Lynn Wilson pdf icon PDF 285 KB


The Board received a copy of the Gateshead Covid-19 Control Plan (May 2022).


It was reported that despite the easing of restrictions, Covid is still prevalent in the community and it is important to maintain local vigilance to prevent and reduce the opportunities for the virus to spread within the community.


The Board were advised that the Covid-19 Control Plan sets out the next steps for Gateshead Public Health Team and partners with a focus on living with Covid safely. From the report, the Board were also provided with a summary of the local and national context regarding testing and tracing. It was also noted that since the beginning of the Covid-19 vaccination rollout, Gateshead’s system providers implemented five models to deliver the vaccine which ensured equitable access to all from the outset, these were:


  1. Five local vaccination centres spread across the borough.


  1. Community pharmacies at Lobley Hill & Bensham offered vaccination appointments via the national booking service as well as walk-in appointments.


  1. A hub at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital ensured health and care staff and other priority workers could access the vaccine.


  1. Mobile delivery of vaccines to people who are housebound or in care homes.


  1. 'Pop-up’ sites using the Council's mobile vaccination unit.


The Board were advised that as services move from a response stage to a recovery stage, they need to ensure that they continue to monitor the situation closely and be ready to escalate/deescalate processes quickly.



(i)               The Board noted the update from the report.



Gateshead Health Protection Board - Marc Hopkinson pdf icon PDF 248 KB


The Board received a report seeking views on the way in which Gateshead health protection system will provide leadership and ensure a coordinated and consistent approach to outbreak control, infection prevention and the treatment and management of disease.


From the report, it was proposed that the Gateshead Outbreak Control Board be renamed to the Gateshead Health Protection Board, this change was supported by the Board. Appended to the report was an updated copy of the Gateshead Health Protection Board’s Terms of Reference for information.



(i)            The Board agreed to the name change of the Gateshead Health Protection Board.

(ii)           The Board agreed to receive an annual update on the progress of the Board.

(iii)          The Board ratified the Terms of Reference.




Gateshead Cares System Board Update - Mark Dornan / All


The Board received a presentation providing an update on the Gateshead Cares System Board.


From the presentation, the Board noted an update on the Alliance Agreement; it was reported that this will continue to be a ‘live’ agreement that is built upon. It was further noted that the Board considered the proposed arrangements for the CQC Assurance Framework that will come into place from 1st April 2023. It was highlighted that a single assessment framework will assess providers, local authorities and integrated care systems with a set of key themes from registration through to assessment.


The Board were provided with an additional update on the Professional Forum Meeting and Community Diagnostics Centre. It was also noted that as part of the SEND review, a response to the Government’s SEND Green Paper is being prepared.



(i)               The Board noted the update.



Better Care Fund End of Year Return - John Costello pdf icon PDF 206 KB


The Board received a report seeking retrospective endorsement of the Better Care Fund end of year return for 2021/22 submitted to NHS England (NHSE).



(i)            The Board retrospectively endorsed the Better Care Fund return for 2021/22.


Family Hubs Programme - Terms of Reference and Governance pdf icon PDF 157 KB


The Board received a report providing the Terms of Reference for the Family Hubs and Start for Life Steering Group.


The Board were advised that Alice Wiseman would Chair the Board initially until the new Strategic Director of Children’s Services starts in their role. The Board noted that this was an exciting opportunity.



(i)            The Board noted the report.


Updates from Board Members


Board members were reminded that they are able to bring updates to the Health and Wellbeing Board and that partner contributions relevant to the Board’s remit would be welcomed.


The Board also received an update on the updated CQC framework in addition to a summary of current pressures on NHS primary care services. The Board also noted an update from Gateshead’s Adult Social Care service, it was noted that improvements are to be made to Gateshead’s assessments and packages.


The Board also discussed the lack of services for children who are tongue tied in Gateshead; concern was noted that the most local services for this issue are in South Tyneside or Sunderland as the QE Hospital no longer accept referrals.



(i)               The Board noted the updates.



Progress Update on Implementation Plan for Health & Wellbeing Strategy pdf icon PDF 335 KB


The Board received an update report providing an update on the first meeting of the Health and Wellbeing Implementation Group.


From the report, the Board were advised that the following steps are proposed to continue progress on developing an approach and plan for implementation:


  • Mapping to consider priorities and strategic work, delivery mechanisms and structures, actions, gaps
  • Development of cross-cutting implementation workstreams
  • Identification of leads / links / champions for key actions
  • Identification of short-, medium- and long-term priorities and actions
  • Development of a plan and approach to implementation
  • Monitoring, evaluation, learning and reporting


It was highlighted that the implementation group had agreed to meet again in September 2022 to maintain progress and stakeholder engagement in the work reported.



(i)               The Board noted the update.





There was no other business.