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Gateshead Health and Wellbeing Board - Friday, 22nd January, 2021 9.00 am

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Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Martin Gannon, Cllr Michael McNestry, Richie Rickaby and Mark Adams.


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Additional documents:


The minutes of the last meeting held on 11 December 2020 were agreed as a correct record.


The Board also received an update on items contained within the Action List; it was noted that the Board will consider progress updates on the Older Persons Care Home Model and Addressing Poverty in Gateshead at a future meeting.


Declarations of Interest

Members of the Board to declare an interest in any particular agenda item.


Siobhan O’Neil declared an interest in Item 6 as a member of the North East Child Poverty Trust.


Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Update - Kevin Scarlett pdf icon PDF 268 KB


The Board received a report with a request for views on homelessness workstreams currently underway, their scope and the expected outcomes.


It was reported that under the broader housing review currently underway in Gateshead a new strategy for homelessness is being developed with the vision to end homelessness, in all forms, in Gateshead.


It was highlighted from the report that a review of accommodation and support provision has started for those who are already homeless or at risk of homelessness. It was also reported that this review will feed in to work already underway by Commissioning Colleagues to review related commissioned provision.


The Board were advised that a holistic gateway is to be developed that covers all accommodation and support for those aged 16+, with the necessary system and staffing resources to ensure the needs of those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness are being met.


It was proposed that Housings Services would continue to work with partners to co-produce a Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy with a timescale to 1 April 2021. The Board were also advised that further development of a ‘connected services’ delivery model would take place with multi-disciplinary locality-based working. It was also reported that there would be the development of a ‘Gateway’ for homelessness accommodation and support.


It was asked whether Housing Services had been made aware of any tensions from placing those who are homeless into Council accommodation. Officers advised that there have been some instances; notably in tower blocks but that these situations are managed as they arise. A comment was also made that some individuals struggle with the responsibilities of maintaining a tenancy.


The Board expressed its support to the homelessness workstreams and agreed to a more substantive update on the matter at a future meeting.



(I)               The Board noted the contents of the report.

(II)             The Board agreed to receive a further update at a future meeting.


Covid-19 Response & Vaccine Update - Alice Wiseman & Lynn Wilson / All


The Board received a presentation providing an update on the Covid-19 response and vaccine rollout in Gateshead.


From the presentation, the Board were advised of the following:


·        The number of tests to 17 January 2021 (10 days of data)

·        A summary of Covid-19 cases to 19 January 2021 (30 days of data)

·        Gateshead average cases per day broken down by age

·        Cases per ward in the borough with regional comparisons


The Board were also advised that lateral flow testing is to be piloted with Gateshead Council employees on the front line, such as those working in primary care. It was also noted that plans are underway for a local contact tracing approach.


An overview of work ongoing within Gateshead’s community hubs was also provided in addition to information relating to communication and compliance. It was highlighted that there has been a successful bid for funding for Community Champions work.


On the matter of vaccinations, the Board were advised that of the 5 PCN sites there has been a large uptake from those in the eligible age brackets.


The Board acknowledged that despite the challenge of establishing an efficient rollout locally, partnership work across the system had been fantastic. Board members praised the efforts of staff across the system for going the extra mile.


A question was asked about plans for vaccinating children; it was confirmed that the current vaccines are not licensed for use for children and that children are at a significantly lower risk of falling ill from the virus should they get it.



(I)               The Board noted the update from the presentation.


Children's Social Care - Service Update on Impact of Pandemic - Andrea Houlahan


The Board received a presentation providing an update on the impact of Covid on Children’s Social Care services in Gateshead.


From the presentation, the Board noted the following:


·        At the point of lockdown 415 children were looked after in Gateshead, this increased to a peak of 454. The number of children looked after in Gateshead is 46 (11.8%) more than the same point last year


·        The numbers of children who are subject to Interim and Full Care Orders (which incur additional costs in relation to legal services and support from the authority) have increased by 40 children (or 12.9%) from 308 to 348 from the same time last year


·        IFA placements/bespoke placements have increased, with 24 more children in IFAs than prior to lockdown


The Board were also advised that the number of Children in Need had increased to 479. It was also reported that the number of children (0-25) with SEND/CWD had increased by 10%.


It was noted that there had been a 17% increase in demand levels between November 2019 and November 2020 in the number of children needing support by Early Help Services, an additional 112 children. It was highlighted that increases are creating significant pressures on caseloads and budgets for all. The Board were advised that all workers continue to deliver all Early Help and Children Social Care services either face to face where possible, or virtually where it is not safe to do so.


It was asked whether there was a hold up in vetting potential foster carers; it was also questioned whether foster carers would be classed as key workers and eligible for early vaccination. The Board were advised that the Governments guidance for the vetting of foster carers had become more flexible during the pandemic and that carers could be approved without having had a comprehensive medical. It was noted that this matter is not a current issue but is being monitored closely by officers.


The Board were advised that the current roster of foster carers has been provided to the appropriate officer to see if they can be vaccinated as a priority. These efforts are ongoing.



(I)               The Board noted the update.



Gateshead System Response to NHSE Consultation on Next Steps for ICSs - John Costello & Mark Dornan pdf icon PDF 245 KB

Additional documents:


The Board received a report for endorsement to the Gateshead Health & Care System response to the consultation by NHS England/Improvement on the Next Steps for ICSs.


From the report, the Board noted that NHS England/Improvement issued a consultation document before Christmas ‘Integrating Care: Next steps to building strong and effective integrated care systems across England’ with a short timescale to respond.


It was highlighted that a response was prepared by the Gateshead Health & Care System and submitted, this response was appended to the Board report for information.



(I)               The Board endorsed the response of the Gateshead Health and Care System to the NHSE/I consultation paper.



Gateshead Health & Care System Update - Mark Dornan / All


The Board were provided with a verbal update on the Gateshead Health & Care system.


It was highlighted that work continues between the LA7 to ensure that Covid restrictions are followed at a local level. It was also noted that efforts are ongoing to ensure patient care on the frontline is maintained.


A report will be brought to the next meeting of the Board on the work to develop an Alliance Agreement for the Gateshead System.



(I)               The Board noted the update.


NHSE/I Change of Opening Hours Notifications - John Costello


The Board received NHSE/I Change of Opening Hours Notifications for three pharmacies, these were appended within the agenda pack.


The Board also highlighted that many supermarkets now offer early and late pharmacy provision.



(I)               The Board noted the items for information.


L Rowland & Co: Former Five Star Batteries, Meresyde, Leam Lane pdf icon PDF 72 KB


L Rowland & Co: Saltwell Road pdf icon PDF 101 KB


Boots Pharmacy at the Metrocentre: temporary change of opening hours pdf icon PDF 8 KB


Updates from Board Members


The Board were advised that a SEND inspection will take place in Gateshead on 8 March which may have wider implications for partners. Board members were asked to contact Caroline O’Neill should they have any queries on this matter.


It was further noted that the Tyne & Wear Fire and Rescue Service are relaunching their logistic cell to support voluntary organisations in need of support. Board members were asked to contact Karen Soady should they have any queries on this matter.



(I)               The Board noted the updates.





(I)               There was no other business.