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Gateshead Health and Wellbeing Board - Friday, 29th April, 2022 9.00 am

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Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Martin Gannon, Siobhan O’Neil, Steph Downey, Stephen Kirk and Steve Thomas.


The Chair welcomed Clare Wheatly from Northumbria Police and Dan Jackson from the ICS as guests to the meeting.


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The minutes of the meeting held on 4 March 2022 are attached for approval, together with the Action List

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The Board noted that a task and finish group would be set up by Louise Sweeney to develop the Health and Wellbeing Strategy Implementation Plan; the Board were advised that an invitation to contribute would be sent. It was agreed that an update on progress made would be reported back at the June Board meeting.


It was also noted that Joanna Clark of the Gateshead Health Foundation Trust had attended the previous meeting but that this had not been recorded; this record is to be updated online.


Noting the above, the minutes of the previous meeting held on 29 April 2022 were agreed as a correct record.


Declarations of Interest

Members of the Board to declare an interest in any particular agenda item.



(i)               There were no declarations of interest.


Update on ICS Development and Implications for Place Systems - Dan Jackson


Climate Change Strategy for Gateshead - Anneliese Hutchinson / Lucy Greenfield pdf icon PDF 301 KB

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The Board received a report and presentation seeking endorsement of the Climate Emergency Strategy.


It was reported that the Climate Emergency supports the Gateshead Health & Wellbeing Strategy in addition to health and wellbeing being referenced in the Council’s Environmental Policy adopted in 2021.


From the presentation the Board were provided with an overview of the impacts that climate change is having worldwide; a summary of the Council’s journey to its current position was also highlighted as follows:


·        The Council declared a Climate Emergency in 2019.

·        The Council adopted a Climate Action plan in 2021.

·        As a council, we have already made major progress in reducing carbon emissions from our own activities -a 55% drop since 2010. But this only accounts for around 2.5% of Gateshead's total carbon footprint.

·        The Council in independently audited using Investors in the Environment –We are awarded ‘silver’ accreditation against the Investors in the Environment Framework? with a score of 70%? in 2020 -The first annual review in 2021 resulted in an improved of 75% with a carbon reduction of 19% from previous year.

·        In November 2021 Cabinet approved a Climate Change Strategy for Gateshead for consultation.

·        The Strategy sets out a vision for achieving our commitment to carbon neutrality by 2030.

·        The themes within the strategy are; Transport, Economy and consumption, Energy, Food, Woodland and nature and Resilience.

·        The Strategy recognises that delivering our targets will be a joint effort between the Council, business and the whole community.

·        The Strategy will be supported by ward level action plans.



It was reported that a public-facing action plan had been developed to summarise what the Council will do to make its own operations carbon-neutral, this included transport, housing, energy, the environment and waste. Additionally, the Board were provided with a summary of actions being taken within Gateshead, this includes tree planting, increased use of renewable energies and the development of a Heat Strategy for Gateshead.


It was proposed that the Board endorse the draft Climate Emergency Strategy and commit to help achieve the vision and objectives within it. The Board acknowledged that a lot of work needs to be done and endorsed the proposals presented. The Board also discussed the need for collaborative work on climate change to continue across the whole system with partners and stakeholders doing their bit.


A comment was made highlighting the importance of allotment space in Gateshead, particularly to allow residents to grow their own produce and increase local food production. It was further stated that community gardens and allotment spaces are beneficial for mental health.


The Board also noted that it was important to engage with the younger population in Gateshead via schools and the youth parliament.



(i)               The Board endorsed the Climate Emergency Strategy.

(ii)              The Board agreed to commit to delivering the objectives within the strategy across the system.



Covid-19 Response & Vaccine Update - Alice Wiseman / Lynn Wilson


The Board received a presentation providing an update on the Covid-19 response and vaccine rollout in Gateshead.


The Board were advised that ONS data suggests that cases in England are reducing but that at a local level there are increases. It was however highlighted that there is an expectation that local case data could be unreliable due to a national policy change in testing.


It was reported that the vaccine rollout in children has started with uptake being higher than expected; the Board were also advised that the spring booster programme had gone well despite supply issues.


It was acknowledged that there are still pressures on local hospital and GP services; particularly with delays to discharges and ambulance waiting times.


From the presentation, the Board were advised that the final phase of the regional campaign against Covid-19 ends 30th April 2022.



(i)               The Board noted the update.



Gateshead Cares System Board Update - Mark Dornan / All


The Board received an update on the Gateshead Cares System Board.


From the presentation it was reported that there had been a successful development session for the System Board on 31st March with Sam Allen CX of Northeast and Cumbria ICS and other guests in attendance. It was highlighted that there had been a focus on a report-out by team members on progress in taking forward key programmes of work in addition to discussions around feedback from patients and staff. The Board were also advised that there had been a review of work programmes for 2022/23.


The Board received a summary of programme areas, this included children and young people and adults/older people. From the presentation it was noted that each programme area would address health inequalities, prevention, integrated pathways and evaluating outcomes.


An overview of cross system workstreams that will help enable integration (workforce, digital etc.) was also provided, in addition to a summary of work to progress an implementation plan for Gateshead’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy.



(i)               The Board noted the update.



For Information - Gateshead Safeguarding Children Partnership Annual Report 2020/21 - Saira Park pdf icon PDF 4 MB



(i)               The Board received and acknowledged the Gateshead Safeguarding Children Partnership Annual Report 2020/21.


Updates from Board Members


The Board discussed the impact of the cost-of-living crisis and the rise in energy prices, particularly for those who require specialist medical equipment at home. It was agreed that discussions across partners would continue on this matter.


The Board watched a video of local poet Rowan McCabe.



(i)               The Board noted the updates.





(i)               There was no other business.