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Formal meeting cancelled, Gateshead Health and Wellbeing Board - Friday, 10th December, 2021 9.00 am, CANCELLED

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Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Martin Gannon, Cllr Paul Foy and Lynn Wilson.


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(i)               The approval of the minutes of the last meeting held on 22 October 2021 is to be deferred to the next formal Board meeting.



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Addressing Poverty Update (continuation from previous Board meeting) - Lisa Goodwin


The Board received a presentation providing an update on addressing poverty in Gateshead.


From the presentation, a summary of the VCSE in Gateshead was provided. An overview of the VCSE’s role in addressing poverty was also presented; it was highlighted that the provision of immediate and crisis support for residents is an important job for providers.


The Board were advised that the VCSE work with partners to address both material forms of poverty (such as fuel poverty) whilst also providing support for the long term to lift residents out of poverty. It was also noted that VCSE organisations work with partners and residents on preventative interventions to stop residents experiencing poverty in the first place.


An overview of the sector’s work in addressing the good jobs, good homes, health and friends was also provided. The Board discussed the importance of addressing the individual needs of residents to enable them to thrive. It was agreed that schemes such as those run at Edbert’s House provided important support and intervention for many residents.


The Board also discussed the links between poverty and economic development; it was highlighted that the Council’s Economic Development Strategy has pulled together links and activities across the system. It was also noted that new developments in the region would provide opportunities for new training and employment opportunities for residents.



(i)               The Board noted the contents of the presentation.

(ii)              The Board to receive a presentation on poverty from the perspective of children and families at its next meeting.



Gateshead Cares System Board: Update and Planning for the new health landscape - Mark Dornan / All pdf icon PDF 553 KB

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The Board received a report and presentation providing an on the work of the Gateshead Cares System Board and its planning arrangements in preparation for the new health landscape.


The Board were provided with an overview of ‘Gateshead Cares’ for information; it was also noted that the Gateshead Cares Alliance Agreement has set out the values, ways of working and programme areas of focus for the health and care system.


From the presentation, the Board were remined of the five programme areas, these are:


·        Children & Young People Best Start in Life –SEND (including transition to adulthood)

·        Older People - Older Persons Care Home Model (now Adult Care Homes)

·        Older People - Frailty (Strength & Balance)

·        Mental Health Transformation

·        Development of Primary Care Networks


The Board were advised that the Gateshead Cares System Board held a planning session in preparation for the changes to the health landscape from next year. It was reported that as part of its discussions, it considered national NHS guidance on ‘Thriving places: Guidance on the development of place-based partnerships’ and developed a response to key questions raised. Appended to the report was a summary of key points from the guidance and a response to the questions raised.


From the report, it was highlighted that partner organisations are encouraged to discuss the comments on the document within their own organisations. It was noted that there is recognition that the position will be an evolving one as more clarity is received nationally and from the ICS on future arrangements. It was stated that the aim is to be on the front foot in Gateshead and that it is hoped that the document will help with that and will generate a useful debate that can be built upon going forward.


The Board agreed that it was important for wider communication across the system and partners. A comment was also made noting that ICT systems having the ability to communicate with each other across the system is important, and the Board were advised that this integration of systems and information sharing is being progressed.



(i)              The Board noted the contents of the report and presentation.

(ii)             The Board agreed to received further updates on a rolling basis on the programmes of work of Gateshead Cares as part of its Forward Plan.






Covid-19 Response and Vaccine Update - Alice Wiseman / Lynn Wilson


The Board received an update on Gateshead’s Covid-19 response and vaccination efforts.


From the presentation, the Board were provided with a summary of Covid-19 case data across the LA7. The Board were also shown comparative data across the LA7 in relation to vaccinations; this highlighted a good uptake in booster vaccinations across Gateshead and the wider region.


The Board were advised that pressures on primary care services remain. It was also noted that the prevalence of the new Omicron variant and its impact is being analysed daily. The Board acknowledged that inequalities across Gateshead continue to be highlighted throughout the pandemic.


A discussion took place on the potential impact on the local economy following the recent announcement of ‘Plan B’ Covid restrictions. The Board acknowledged that partners across the system have a joint responsibility in ensuring that public health guidance and rules are followed within their respective organisations.



(i)               The Board noted the update.



Better Care Fund Submission 2021/22 - John Costello pdf icon PDF 241 KB


The Board received a report seeking the retrospective endorsement of the Health & Wellbeing Board to the Better Care Fund submission for Gateshead for 2021-22 in order to support integrated health and care services for the benefit of local people.


It was reported that at the time of the submission the emphasis has been on ensuring continuity of existing schemes in the current year in line with planning guidance requirements and pending a more detailed review of schemes and arrangements for future years.



(i)              The Board noted the contents of the report.

(ii)             The Board informally endorsed the submission.



Gateshead Ofsted Visit Full Report - Children's Services - Caroline O'Neill pdf icon PDF 239 KB


NHSE/I consideration of a change of ownership application for Lloyds Pharmacy at 181 Coatsworth Road Gateshead pdf icon PDF 66 KB

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The Board received a report for information on the application for Lloyds Pharmacy at Coatsworth Road to change ownership.



(i)               The Board noted the report.



Any Other Business



(i)               There was no other business.