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Commissioning of Homelessness Accommodation and Support

Meeting: 21/03/2023 - Cabinet (Item 141)

Homelessness and Allocations - Remodelling Accommodation and Support

Report of the Strategic Director, Housing Environment and Healthy Communities

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Consideration has been given to an update on the Homelessness and Allocations Review and to proposals for taking forward the recommissioning and remodelling of supported accommodation for young people, and for adults with multiple and/or complex needs (MCN) as well as an intention to progress the development and subsequent implementation of a new operational model for homelessness and allocations services.






That the commissioning of the Young Persons 18-25 years Domestic Abuse Safe Accommodation from the available Safe Accommodation Funding be approved.






That the proposed commissioning and procurement plans for both young people and those with multiple and complex needs as set out in the report, subject to costs being contained within the stated budget estimates be approved.






That an extension to the existing agreement with Oasis Community Housing for continued Rough Sleeping Initiative funded provision as set out in the report, to fit with the timeline for recommissioning multiple and complex needs (MCN), currently in place to November 2023 be approved.






That a bid to the Single Homelessness Accommodation Programme for capital and revenue funding for a proposed Young Persons with MCN Scheme (8 units) and an Adults with MCN Scheme (17 units) as set out in the report be approved.






That a current review of the use of temporary and bed and breakfast accommodation and the intention to also review taster flats provision, accommodation for ex-offenders and agency/leased properties be noted.






That proposals to undertake a review of floating support be noted.






That proposals to design a new Home Connections operational model for the delivery of homelessness and allocations services, to be taken forward in partnership with colleagues in housing, health, social care, and community safety, and informed by wider transformation workstreams including Mental Health Transformation, Anti Social Behaviour, Changing Futures, Home Improvement Agency and People at the Heart as set out in the report be endorsed.




The above decisions have been made for the following reasons:






To ensure the Council is meeting all related statutory requirements.






To deliver on related strategies, including the Council’s Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy, Thrive Vision and Health and Wellbeing Strategy, providing better outcomes for residents.






To achieve better value for money from commissioned and directly provided services, as well as reduced costs pressures across the wider housing, health and social care system.