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Budget 2020/21– Council Service Reviews

Meeting: 19/01/2021 - Cabinet (Item 86)

Budget 2020/21– Council Service Reviews

Report of the Strategic Directors, Resources & Digital, Corporate Services & Governance and Housing, Environment & Healthy Communities


Consideration has been given to the outcome of consultation with employees and Trade Unions on proposals made following service reviews of Print Point, Civic Catering and Environmental Enforcement.




The alternative options to that being recommended, but which were discounted, included reducing the size of each service, consolidation and amalgamation with other services.






That proposals to decommission the Civic Catering function by ceasing the service operating at Bewicks, Civic Centre be approved and implemented.






That the proposals to decommission the Environmental Enforcement function be approved and implemented.






That a further report on the future of Print Point be submitted to the next meeting of Cabinet.




The above decisions have been made for the following reasons:






To implement the approved Council budget 2020/21.






To ensure the Council is able to provide effective and efficient services that offer value for money.






To enable the Council to focus resources on the delivery of services that make Gateshead a place where everyone can Thrive.