Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Surplus Declaration14/02/2017For Determination14/03/2017
Gateshead Bus Partnerships14/02/2017For Determination14/03/2017
Proposed Grant of Lease 107/109 Coatsworth Road.14/02/2017For Determination14/03/2017
Miscellaneous Income, Transfer of Uncollectable Amounts14/02/2017For Determination14/03/2017
Appraisal and Development14/02/2017For Determination14/03/2017
Gateshead HEIGHTS - Fabric Works14/02/2017For Determination14/03/2017
Recruitment and Retention of Social Workers, Children & Families Social Work14/02/2017For Determination14/03/2017
Proposed Community Asset Transfer of Dunston Activity Centre14/02/2017For Determination14/03/2017
Review of the Council's Constitution14/02/2017For Determination14/03/2017
Home Energy Conservation Act (HECA) - Progress Report14/02/2017For Determination14/03/2017
Treasury Policy Statement and Treasury Strategy 2017/18 to 2019/2014/02/2017For Determination14/03/2017
Gateshead Fund (Capacity Building Fund)14/02/2017For Determination14/03/2017
Freedom of Information Annual Report 201614/02/2017For Determination14/03/2017
Update on Local Transport Plan capital programme spend for 2016/17 and proposed programme for 2017/1814/02/2017For Determination14/03/2017
Proposed Changes to Charging and Financial Assessment for Adult Care and Support Services30/01/2017For Determination14/03/2017
Discretionary Rate Relief22/12/2016For Determination14/03/2017