Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Proposals to reduce plastic waste18/09/2019For Determination15/10/2019
Update on the Council’s EU Exit Preparations18/09/2019For Determination15/10/2019
Transport Funding Bids18/09/2019For Determination15/10/2019
Report of Corporate Resources Overview and Scrutiny Committee Review of Council Support to help the Voluntary and Community Sector in Gateshead18/09/2019For Determination15/10/2019
Medium Term Financial Strategy18/09/2019For Determination15/10/2019
Extension of Gateshead District Energy Scheme18/09/2019For Determination15/10/2019
Safeguarding Children Unit Annual Report and the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) Annual Report 2018/1918/09/2019For Determination15/10/2019
Senior Management Structure23/09/2019For Determination15/10/2019
Proposed asset disposals18/09/2019For Determination15/10/2019
Gateshead car parking strategy - draft review18/09/2019For Determination15/10/2019