Agenda item

Implementation of Mosaic



The Committee received a presentation on the replacement of Care First and the Implementation of Mosiac within Gateshead Council.


The Committee were advised that Care First had to be replaced as it was an end of life system which was developed in the 90s and was no longer going to be supported by the supplier.


16m records have been migrated into the new system.  The data has all come from Car First.  There are currently 500 users of the system.  Mosiac is a work flow based system which ensures pathways are followed.  This was developed by Gateshead Council to fit in with our work practices.  Mosiac can be used on a lot more devices than care first including I phone and I pad and practitioners own devices at home safely and securely with just one login.


Mosiac is cloud based so it can be access from anywhere subject to the user having the correct security access.  This will be particularly useful for partnership working.


Attachments can be added to a person’s information and the system is also connected to Agresso as well as being integrated to the NHS Spine so that NHS numbers can be pulled through from the national database.


The presentation showed some of the forms and the way the system will work.


        All packages of care come from Mosaic

        Mosaic is interfaced into the Council’s finance system Agresso

        Every package of care has to be authorised within Mosaic

        Auditing is much easier as the payments to suppliers are all derived from the child’s record in Mosaic

        Financial risk is managed within Mosaic through protocols embedded into the system, i.e. a package of care cannot be paid unless it is all set-up within Mosaic

        Eliminates spreadsheet recording and keeps all records in one place

        Improved reportability of package data for Commissioners


Indirectly, Mosaic will allow more direct working with children and families as it is more intuitive and efficient to use so practitioners won’t need to spend so much time on case recording.  Life story work, child’s journey and subject access requests will be much better presented and easier to understand.  Management oversight through built in daily reports.  Ease of auditing of cases.  Mobile access to work with children and families within their homes.  Quickly accessible financial information, i.e. children with disabilities families using Direct Payments


It was queried whether there was a joint data sharing agreement set up.  It was noted that agreements were set up and were jointly signed by both partners.  This is audited and is very thorough.  Each different partnership will have to have different data sharing agreements.  The access is controlled and all parties have different degrees of permissions.  Permissions  are restricted to make sure no one is ever able to access information they shouldn’t be accessing.


It was queried whether we could do a survey 1 year into the use of the system to see what users think of the system.  It was noted that the system went live in January and we have already surveyed users with positive responses.  It was also noted that every year within Children’s Social Care a health check is undertaken, some of the questions that are asked are about systems, there is also a case file audit.  There is the ability to amend/adapt/improve the system if the work flow needs to change as a result of change in practice.


It was queried how this system would work in terms of safeguarding of children and reporting of concerns.  It was noted that if a child is flagged on the system and presents at a hospital out of area the flag will show on the system.  It was noted that there is an opportunity for reporting concerns anonymously through the Gateshead website, this information is passed directly into Mosaic and is a lot quicker and more efficient.


RESOLVED              -            That the information presented by noted.