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Report of Sheena Ramsey, Chief Executive and Alice Wiseman, Director of Public Health (attached).


Representatives of Gateshead Health NHS FT and CNTW NHS FT will provide the OSC with a presentation in respect of their respective Quality Accounts.


Appendix 1 – Gateshead Health NHS FT Quality Account 2021- 22.


Appendix 2 – CNTW NHS FT Quality Account 2021- 22


The Committee received a power point presentation from Karen Roberts, Deputy Director of Nursing, Midwifery and Quality and Jane Conroy, Head of Quality and Patient Experience on the Gateshead Health NHS Trust, Quality Accounts 2021-22.


Based on the Committee’s knowledge of the work of the Trust during 2021-22, the Committee were able to comment as follows:


Quality Priorities for 2022-23


OSC is supportive of the Trust’s proposed Quality Priorities for improvement.


Progress Against Quality Priorities for 2021-22


OSC expressed its thanks to all the Trust’s staff and volunteers for its excellent work in continuing to make some real improvements in quality and safety whilst still facing significant operational challenges as the Trust recovers from the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic e.g. End of Life Care where the results of the national audit were excellent and the Trust is exceeding the national average in 10 out of the 12 domains being audited; Responsiveness to the needs of patients – where the trust is above the national average’ 29% reduction in C Difficile cases since 2019-2020 and reductions in both Hospital Acquired Pressure Damage and Community Acquired Pressure Damage and introduction of biodegradable red tabards to help avoid medication errors.




OSC noted that workforce challenges meant that Trusts were having to rely on agency staff in some areas and sought to understand howthe Trust was ensuring continuity of care for patients, particularly those in vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, where this was the case. OSC was informed that agency staff are seen as a key part of the workforce in times of pressure and are block booked so they get to know ward/patients and staff and become part of the team and this supports continuity and quality of care.


OSC also noted that some staff are on short contracts and then pick up agency work and sought to understand whether there was scope for such staff to be on longer contracts to fit in with other outside responsibilities. The Trust is also, through its workforce strategy, carrying out investment with a view to reducing the Trust’s reliance on casual staff and last year had managed to achieve zero vacancy rates for healthcare support workers.


Patient Engagement


OSC noted that non-attendance in outpatients was an issue and queried what work was taking place to address this. OSC was advised that it was considered that non-attendance at outpatients had been exacerbated as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic and there had been a great deal of work carried out via social media to reassure patients that outpatients provides a safe environment for appointments.


Quality of Care


OSC sought to understand the work the Trust was progressing to ensure that patients from minority ethnic groups were not receiving a lesser standard/quality of care. OSC were reassured to note that the Trust was consulting on improvements arising from the national Ockendon Review of Maternity Services and would be using the Maternity Voices Partnership to involve patients from all backgrounds to assist in the co-design of services and ensure care is delivered to meet the specific needs of all patients. In addition, the Trust was building in all equality metrics into its Friends and Family Test and this was just starting to be evaluated and it was anticipated that the learning would be identified in the Trust’s Quality Accounts for 2022-23.


CQC Inspection Outcomes


OSC noted that the Care Quality Commission has not taken enforcement action against Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust during 2021-22.


RESOLVED – That the information be noted and thanks of the OSC be passed on to colleagues in theTrust.

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