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This page lists the meetings for Cabinet.


Information about Cabinet

The Cabinet is headed by the Leader of the Council. It consists of nine additional councillors who are appointed by the Leader.  The Cabinet provides political leadership and direction across the whole range of council services and considers all policy issues.


The Cabinet collectively makes decisions on most council services within the budget and policy framework on behalf of the Council and can make recommendations for change to full Council. It meets monthly and its meetings (like those of other council bodies) are held in public, except where confidential information is to be discussed.


All Cabinet members work collectively with other councillors to carry out their role, and seek advice from the Council’s Advisory Groups on policy development. They also receive reports from Overview and Scrutiny Committees on policy reviews and performance management.


Each Cabinet Member has an area of special interest – known as portfolios – which are allocated to them by the Leader of the Council.


The portfolios are:


·         Adult Social Care

·         Children and Young People

·         Communities and Volunteering

·         Culture, Sport and Leisure

·         Economy

·         Environment and Transport

·         Health and Wellbeing

·         Housing