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Regulatory Committee

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Information about Regulatory Committee

Except where the matter is delegated to the Service Director, Development and Public Protection, the Regulatory Committee has delegated powers:


1.    to determine licensing applications in the following areas, where there has been a refusal to grant, renew, vary or transfer a licence to where there are relevant objections to such applications; and to consider the revocation of existing licences:


a)    animal boarding establishments

b)    dangerous wild animals

c)    dog breeding establishments

d)    hypnotism

e)    motor salvage operators

f)     pet shops

g)    pleasure boats and navigators

h)   sex establishments

i)     street collections

j)      street trading

k)    scrap metal dealers


2.    to grant and renew licences for Hackney Carriages, Hackney Carriage Drivers, Private Hire Vehicles and Private Hire Operators (including Dual Driver licences) where the application does not meet the Council’s standard conditions, but having regard to all relevant information, it is determined that the individual circumstances justify deviation from policy;

3.    to vary, suspend and revoke such licences where, having regard all relevant information, it is determined that in individual circumstances it is appropriate to do so;


4.    to deal with all applications for approved marriage premises status;


5.    to deal with control and enforcement of the law relating to safety at sports grounds; and


6.    to deal with any licence and registration which is not delegated to any other body.