Agenda and minutes

Gateshead Schools Forum - Thursday, 9th January, 2020 2.00 pm

Venue: WH Brockett Room, Dryden Centre

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Apologies for absence were received from Ethel Mills, Chris Toon, Elaine Pickering, Julie Goodfellow and Paul Harris.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 207 KB

The Forum is asked to approve as a correct record the minutes of the last meeting held on the 14 November 2019.


The minutes of the meeting held on 12 December 2019 were agreed as a correct record.


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Carole Smith, Financial Resource Management


Schools Forum received a report confirming the successful application for Growth Funding.


An application was made by Emmaville Primary School for funding for pupil growth from September 2019. The school has been extended to accommodate two form entry due to basic need in the area, therefore is eligible for funding. As funding is capped at 7/12’s the maximum amount that could be awarded was £35,000.


In September 2019 the Forum approved the Growth Fund procedure to allocate to displaced Thomas Hepburn pupils. £709,000 was top sliced for the 138 pupils and allocated to schools or the HNB.


RESOLVED    -           That the Schools Forum noted that funding has been awarded

to Emmaville Primary School for growth in pupil numbers and the allocation of funding to the schools and settings named in the report for the displaced Thomas Hepburn pupils.


Dedicated Schools Grant Settlement pdf icon PDF 186 KB

Carole Smith, Financial Resource Management


Schools Forum was advised that the funding settlement was received on 19 December 2019. There was an increase in funding of just under £5m, therefore DSG increased to £153.633m, which will be allocated into the four main funding blocks;


·         The Early Years Block

·         Schools Block

·         Central Schools Services Block

·         High Needs Block


In terms of the Early Years Block, the funding rate for 2020/21 has increased by 8p per hour. Overall there has been an increase of over £500,000 for the Early Years Block, however this could change once the January census figures feed through in the summer.  It was also noted that there has been increase in Maintained Nursery Grant from £153,000 to £183,000.


Funding for the Central Schools Services Block has reduced by £185,000, whereas the Schools Block has increased which is due to the increase in per pupil funding, the increase in pupil numbers and the increase in growth funding.


It was reported that the High Needs Block has increased by £2.3m due to an increase in the number of Special Schools and a negative import/export adjustment.


There has been no update to Pupil Premium rates. Primary PE and Sport Premium will continue as will the pay and pensions grant. It is not yet known if the Free School Meal Supplementary Grant will continue.


RESOLVED    -           That the Schools Forum;


(i)            Noted the estimated Early Years Block

(ii)           Noted the Central Schools Services Block

(iii)          Noted the Schools Block

(iv)          Noted the High Needs Block allocation

(v)           Noted the other grant information


Mainstream School Funding Formula pdf icon PDF 610 KB

Carole Smith, Financial Resource Management


The Forum received a report outlining the proposed Authority Proforma Tool (APT). The Schools Block allocation is £115,718m based on Primary Unit of Funding and Secondary Unit of Funding. 0.5% has been top sliced therefore leaving an allocation of £115m for mainstream schools.


It was noted that the formula agreed in December was not affordable. Funding pressures for 2020/21 were outlined as;

·         Increase of 141 KS4 pupils

·         Premises factors funding decreased

·         Increase in FSM and FSMe6 pupils

·         Increase in deprivation in secondary bands A and B


It was acknowledged that PUFs and SUFs are calculated using 2018 data therefore there is a lag in the units of funding which does not take account of these changes.


In order to balance the APT Primary FSM funding was reduced from £650 to £580 and the secondary FSM factor was reduced from the proposed £1,025 to £900. Both of which are still above the NFF factor value. Primary IDACI A and B bands were reduced by £37 and £12 respectively and secondary IDACI band A was reduced by £37.


The proposed changes left an unallocated amount of £782, distributed as an additional £14 per school via the lump sum. This leaves an unallocated sum of £87.


It was reported that every school has at least 1.84% increase, with no gains capped.


It was suggested that the decision to top slice was done before the full funding picture was known and therefore such decisions in the future should be delayed until this time next year. It was acknowledged that this is due to tight timescales which are out of the control of the Council.


RESOLVED    -           That the Forum approved the factor values, as set out in

appendix one of the report, and noted the information in appendix two and three of the report.


De-Delegation Emotionally Based School Avoidance pdf icon PDF 641 KB

Jeanne Pratt, Educationgateshead


Following on from December’s meeting a report was brought to the Forum setting out proposals around Emotionally Based School Avoidance (EBSA), in particular around employing a Learning Mentor to support pupils with EBSA.


It was confirmed that no secondary responses have yet been received regarding the proposals, however a GASH meeting is due to be held next week. It was suggested that as a pilot schools would want this to be additional capacity and not just moving staff to different posts. It was confirmed that there are no existing staff who would fit the criteria because a mental health qualification is required.


It was noted that due to the Christmas holidays no feedback from schools has been received and therefore the proposal would be emailed to all Headteachers early next week.


Forum was advised that this could not be de-delegated for KS2 only, and if it was to be de-delegated it would need to be confirmed by 19 January. Therefore all sectors would need to confirm as soon as possible, with those academies not able to de-delegate to agree to pay towards the cost.


It was agreed that Headteachers would be emailed with a statement confirming the Schools Forum endorsement and confirmation that the HNB would fund one of the posts.


RESOLVED    -           That further consultation be carried out with all schools for

KS2, KS3 and KS4 to buy back the service prior to 19 January 2020.



Date and Time of Next Meeting

6 February 2020, 2pm


The next meeting will be held on Thursday 6th February 2020 at 2pm at the Dryden Centre.