Agenda and minutes

Gateshead Schools Forum - Thursday, 14th November, 2019 2.00 pm

Venue: Dryden Centre

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Apologies for absence were received from Julie Goodfellow, Chris Toon, Ethel Mills, Clive Wisby and Elaine Pickering.



Minutes pdf icon PDF 220 KB

The Forum is asked to approve as a correct record the minutes of the last meeting.


RESOLVED    -           The minutes of the meeting held on 17 October 2019 were

agreed as a correct record.



School Funding Announcements - updated pdf icon PDF 770 KB

Carole Smith, Financial Resource Management, Resources and Digital.


Schools Forum received an update report on the school funding announcements following the report which was considered at the last meeting.


Further work was carried out on the formula through various models. It was reported that if the data stayed the same the Schools Block would increase by £5.2m to £114.827m, this includes estimated growth funding of just under £1m.  It was pointed out however, that the numbers will change because the data has not been updated for all schools, therefore it is hoped that there may be a bigger increase.


In terms of the mobility factor, the threshold has been reduced to 6% which may mean mobility funding in the secondary sector which has not happened previously.


It is anticipated that there will be 150 more pupils next year which would increase schools block funding by £0.784m. Therefore an increase of just under £6m total funding, however this is not a real increase because those additional pupils will have to be funded.


Using current data the High Needs Block will increase by £2.2m, although it was noted that SEN is escalating so this will continue to be under pressure.


NQT pay will increase to £30k by 2022, this will have a significant impact on the whole pay range as it must be met in the funds already announced.


Pupil Premium Plus, which is for LAC and former LAC, will be extended to include 16-18 year olds to encourage them to continue into further education. There is no indication as to how much this will be.


RESOLVED    -           That the Schools Forum noted the contents of the report.



Mainstream School Funding Review pdf icon PDF 483 KB

Carole Smith, Financial Resource Management, Resources and Digital.


Following the last meeting of the Forum the sub-group met and a number of models were discussed;

·         Model one replicated the current funding formula

·         Model two set the MFG at the minimum level (0.5%)

·         Model three added the growth fund held for the former Thomas Hepburn pupils

·         Model four moved all the formula factors to NFF levels and the MFG to the maximum (1.84%)


The modelling showed that those schools in the most affluent areas gained the most, while those with the highest levels of deprivation gained the least.  A request was made to the DfE to increase MFG above the maximum of 1.84%, however the response was that this would only be allowed if it brought the formula closer to the NFF.


The sub-group agreed to explore different models and that funding should be distributed via the lump sum based on the number of pupils in a phase divided by the number of schools.


There was a discussion around a top slice of the schools block of 0.5% to support the high needs block. It was reported that the Council will be required to undertake invest to save work. This will allow different processes to be put in place to educate vulnerable pupils which will generate savings in the future.


Further models were discussed;

·         Model five included all the additional funding anticipated

·         Model six, the same as model four but increases in FSMe6 above NFF, IDACI bands and mobility funding. In addition, and the  top slice for the High Needs Block and an increase in growth fund.

·         Model seven, the same as model four and six but with the remaining funding distributed by phase and number of schools via the lump sum.


It was questioned what the top slice for the High Needs Block would be used for. It was confirmed that the vast majority of HNB goes to Special Schools and they have had no per pupil increase whereas mainstream schools have.  The point was made that there needs to be clarity and a rationale as to why the funding would be transferred.


The Forum agreed to the proposals contained in the report but requested that the proposal to top-slice the schools block by 0.5% to support the HNB be included as a question in the consultation to all schools, and more information on the need for the top slice be brought to the next meeting.


RESOLVED    -           That consultation be carried out with all schools on the

proposals contained in the report, including an additional question on top-slicing the schools block by 0.5% to support the HNB, and that further information be brought back to the Forum.




Teachers' Pension Grant - Special Schools and Alternative Provision Allocations pdf icon PDF 179 KB

Carole Smith, Financial Resource Management, Resources and Digital.


The Forum received a report outlining the Teachers Pension Grant allocations and calculation methodology for 2019/20.


For mainstream institutions the grant will be based on the number of pupils aged 2 to 19 in mainstream schools and academies. For specialist institutions this will be all funded on commissioned places.


RESOLVED    -           That the Schools Forum noted the information in the report.



Schools Forum Constitution pdf icon PDF 199 KB

Carole Smith, Financial Resource Management, Resources and Digital.


The Forum received a report proposing a review of the constitution of the Forum, which was last undertaken in 2013. Since the last review more schools have converted to academies and school population proportions have changed.


It was noted that at present there are 22 members of the Forum, two thirds of which must be  school members. There are also a number of members who have not attended meetings for a considerable period.


Currently there is a vacancy in the primary sector therefore it was proposed that an additional primary Headteacher be appointed.  It was confirmed that there are two Headteachers interested in becoming part of the Forum.


In addition, due to the change in secondary sector make up, a secondary governor for the maintained sector has been requested. It was therefore agreed that one of the current primary governor representative’s would change their membership to ‘secondary maintained governor representative’, this would then allow recruitment from the bigger pool of primary governor representatives.


It was also suggested that the constitution be changed to say that members must attend at least half of the meetings per year.


RESOLVED    -           That the Forum noted the information and that its

comments be noted during review of the constitution.



Date and Time of Next Meeting


The next meeting will be held on 12 December 2019 at 2pm.