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Gateshead Health and Wellbeing Board - Friday, 11th September, 2020 9.00 am

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Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Caroline O’Neil, Cynthia Atkin, Mark Adams and Richie Rickaby


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The minutes of the last meeting held on 26 June 2020 were agreed as a correct record.


The Board received an update on items contained in the Action List that were either dealt with elsewhere on the agenda or requiring further analysis.


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Strengthening the links between Health & Housing in Gateshead - Kevin Scarlett pdf icon PDF 852 KB


Kevin Scarlett gave the Board a presentation on Strengthening the links between Health & Housing in Gateshead.


The Board were advised that the Council commissioned an independent review of the options for the future management and maintenance of its homes in 2019. Cabinet approved a consultation on the recommended option of re-integration of services back into the Council. The consultation is now underway and is due to be concluded November 2020.


The Board acknowledged and welcomed that this piece of work was not just about the management and maintenance of Council homes; it is providing the Council with an opportunity to have a conversation about the whole of Gateshead’s ‘housing offer’ - all tenures, all housing functions, strategic and operational connectivity, and the re-design, or even re-purpose of services to ensure ‘housing’ embraces the Council’s THRIVE agenda.




That the information be noted.



The Board welcomed the report and look forward to receiving further updates in due course.



Taking forward Gateshead's Health & Wellbeing Strategy - Alice Wiseman pdf icon PDF 3 MB


Alice Wiseman provided the Board with an update on the current status on COVID-19 within

Gateshead and informed the Board that as of the previous day (10 September 2020) Gateshead

was added to the Government’s watchlist which involves enhanced support mechanisms.


In the 7 days prior to the end of August, 32 cases were identified. In the first 7 days of September

the cases rose to 113, the average age is 37 years old and 85% of the cases are working age



With this is mind, the Leader has written to every household in Gateshead and the communications

plan is being stepped up with immediate effect.


A letter is also going to every business in Gateshead and so far 15 prohibition notices have

been served, with one business having had its licence revoked and the Council is now moving into a position of enforcement.


Alice has written to every care home advising on restrictions to visiting and the QE Hospital has suspended all visiting apart from specific groups.


It is imperative that we all work together to stem the increase in cases, but Alice did point out to

members of the Board that Gateshead is not alone. Cases have also increased greatly in

Newcastle, Sunderland and South Tyneside.


Alice also provided the Board with a reporton taking forward the aims of Gateshead’s Health &

Wellbeing Strategy.


The Board was advised that the Health and Wellbeing Strategy was finalised earlier this year

just as we entered the COVID-19 pandemic and this has meant that we have not been able to

make the progress we had hoped. It is vital though for the long-term prospects of the population

of Gateshead that we start to think about how we implement the strategy, and the aims are as

relevant as ever:


·        Give every child the best start in life, with a focus on conception to age two

·        Ensure a healthy standard of living for all, in accordance with international law on

economic and social rights

·        Enable all children, young people and adults to maximise their capabilities and have

control over their lives

·        Create and develop sustainable place and communities

·        Create the conditions for fair employment and good work for all

·        Strengthen the role and impact of ill health prevention


The Board acknowledged the work done so far and all partners acknowledged that it was

felt that inequalities had worsened during the pandemic as well as highlighting that additional

work needed to be undertaken on digital inclusion across all sectors of the borough.




That the information be noted.



That further updates will be given in due course to the Board.





Support to Care Homes (during pandemic and going forward) - Barry Norman


Barry Norman provided the Board with a presentation outlining the support to Care Homes during pandemic and going forward.


The presentation outlined the background to the Care Homes system in Gateshead, the challenges facing the sector pre COVID and during the pandemic and also outlined  the next steps, which were summarised as follows:


·        New hospital discharge guidance introduced from 1 September 2020

·        Agreed to continue System Approach and build on lessons learnt so far

·        Support to Care Homes and Community Services to continue

·        Commissioning options being explored for future needs to support discharges

·        Council to consider financial support for providers on a home by home basis, and

·        Ultimately, getting prepared for a potential second wave




That the information be noted



That further updates be provided to the Board in due course



Gateshead Health & Care System Update (feedback from Gateshead System CXs meeting) - Mark Dornan/All


Mark Dornan provided the Board with an update on the Gateshead Health & Care System (feedback from Gateshead System CXs meeting) and the LGA’s COVID 19 Good Practice Case Study, Gateshead’s collective leadership approach.


RESOLVED – that the information be noted.


Safeguarding Adults Board Annual Report 2019/20 and Strategy Plan 2020 refresh - Lynn Wilson pdf icon PDF 547 KB

Additional documents:


Sir Paul Ennals and Lynn Wilson provided the Board with the Safeguarding Adults Board, Annual Report 2019/20 and the Strategic Plan 2019/2024 – 2020 refresh for information.


It was also noted that this would be Sir Paul’s last meeting as he is standing down as Chair in the autumn.


The Board wished to place upon record its thanks to Sir Paul for his work and dedication and wished him well for the future.


RESOLVED – That the information be noted.


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