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Gateshead Health and Wellbeing Board - Friday, 17th January, 2020 9.00 am

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Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Bill Westwood, Caroline O’Neill, Councillor Gannon, Councillor Haley, Councillor M Foy, Councillor McNestry, Councillor P Foy, James Duncan, Joe Corrigan, Lynsey McVay,  and Mark Dornan,.


The Chair noted a congratulations to Councillor Mary Foy on behalf of the Board following her election as Member of Parliament for the City of Durham. The Chair also noted a special thank you to Susan Watson as it was her last meeting; the Chair highlighted Susan’s valued contribution to the Board to date.



Minutes pdf icon PDF 225 KB

The minutes of the meeting held on 29th November 2019 and Action List are attached for approval.


Additional documents:


The minutes of the last meeting held on 29 November 2019 and Action list were reviewed with the following amendment to note:


·         Lisa Goodwin was noted as representing Newcastle CVS in the attendance of the last meeting; this is to be updated to ‘Connected Voice’ following the organisations name change.


From the Action List it was noted that an update on safeguarding oversights in relation to the Gateshead Community Model for People with Learning Disabilities and an update on the work ofthe Violence Reduction Unit and Future Plans will be fed into the Board’s Forward Plan.



(i)            The Board approved the minutes of the last meeting noting the above comments.



Declarations of Interest

Members of the Board to declare an interest in any particular agenda item.



(i)            There were no declarations of interest.



Mental Ill-health Prevention in Education - Steve Haigh, Head Teacher, Whickham School & Sports College (Verbal)


Steve Haigh, the Head of Whickham School attended and presented a verbal update on the work being undertaken within the school to support pupils with mental ill-health.


Acknowledging the challenges of providing this support to pupils, Steve provided an overview of the mechanisms in place within Whickham School, these included:


·         Staff training and awareness on mental health and wellbeing issues

·         An in-house mental health nurse (seconded from the NHS)

·         Partnership working with the Arts Council

·         A pupil LGBT+ support network ‘Rainbow Society’

·         Adult and pupil mental health first aiders

·         Use of online tools such as Kooth

·         Links with the new Mental Health Trailblazer


It was reported that whilst no school is perfect, Whickham School put pupils at the heart of the efforts being taken to improve mental health and wellbeing. Steve advised the Board that Whickham School are not the exception in terms of the support being offered but added he was grateful to be invited to the Board to discuss the approach being taken by the school.


A comment was made noting that the work being done at Whickham School is inspiring. It was also noted that the absence of James Duncan at today’s meeting was unfortunate given the work he is leading on for the NHS. The Chair thanked Steve on behalf of the Board for taking the time to attend.



(i)            The Board noted the update.



DPH Annual Report 'Ageing Well' - Alice Wiseman pdf icon PDF 7 MB

Additional documents:


The Board received and report and presentation from Alice Wiseman on ‘Aging Well’; the annual report for Gateshead’s Director of Public Health 2019.


From the presentation, the Board received information on the following:


·         That the population structure is changing, and life expectancy is increasing

·         There are several risk factors that contribute to living well or otherwise such as behavioural risks (e.g. smoking and diet) and other risk conditions such as poverty and unemployment

·         Age related stigma

·         Changing times such as the movement towards a digital society and changes to the family structure

·         Inequalities in aging

·         The impact of loneliness


The Board were also provided with letters that elderly residents have written to their younger selves; within the letters the individuals noted their life experience and advice.


From the report, an overview of recommendations were highlighted; these included the development of a coherent and organised well-being offer across Gateshead based on the principal of ‘Making Every Contact Count’ and the five ways to wellbeing. The final recommendation as outlined in the report and presentation was to ensure that all residents, as they age, can participate actively in society and that their contribution is valued and influential.


The Board were reminded that the Director of Public Health Annual Report is a statutory function but is independent. The acknowledgement of the importance of the community and voluntary sector within the report was also well received. A discussion also took place on the Better Health at Work award.



(i)            The Board endorsed the report.



Draft Health & Wellbeing Strategy - Alice Wiseman pdf icon PDF 145 KB

Additional documents:


The Board received the report on the Gateshead Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2020 for views on the final draft proposals.


An overview of the draft proposals was provided from the report. It was reported that development of the strategy has been informed and influenced by the Marmot 10-year review of ‘Fair Society, Healthy Lives’. The Board were also advised that HealthWatch were assisting with public engagement on the strategy and that it is planned to have it signed off in March 2020. 


The strategy was welcomed by the Board. A comment was made noting that the draft strategy did not currently acknowledge the need for inward investment for services; it was also noted that the strategy needs to highlight how outcomes are to be measured. Feedback from the Board was noted.



(i)            The Board noted and endorsed the draft strategy.



Childhood Immunisations - Rachel Chapman & Fergus Neilson (Presentation only)


The Board received a presentation providing an update on Childhood Immunisations.


From the presentation the Board were provided with an overview of immunisation programmes and uptake statistics. It was also noted that childhood immunisation uptake is good in comparison to ‘like-areas’ and to England, although declining, and there is GP variation.


It was acknowledged that a whole system approach would be required to increase public awareness of the importance of immunisations. A discussion also took place on the role of schools in ensuring that pupils are immunised and in instances where they are not (due to absence) that this is followed up.


Additional discussions took place on the use of pork derivatives in some immunisations and the impact this has on communities that exclude pork from their diet. A question was asked as to whether alternative vaccines could be made available for such instances, but it was confirmed there is no current alternative. It was confirmed that the Muslim Council have been in consultation with Public Health England on the issue.


It was requested that a progress update on Child Immunisations be brought back to a future Board meeting and that this should cover details of the immunisations programme for 2020/21



(i)            The Board noted the contents of the presentation and requested a progress update in the Summer.



Gateshead Health & Care System Update - All



(i)            A brief update was provided on a recent joint development session held by the Gateshead Health & Care System with Directors of Finance and their representatives.



Better Care Fund 3rd Quarter Return 2019/20 - John Costello pdf icon PDF 195 KB

Additional documents:


The Board received the report for endorsement of the Better Care Fund return to NHS England for the 3rd Quarter of 2019/20.


It was noted that NHS England had indicated that the Better Care Fund 2019/20 submission has now been formally approved. It was confirmed that a letter confirming the approval is expected soon.


A comment was made highlighting that as a ‘system’, Gateshead looks to be holding its own. It was also reported that the return for the 3rd quarter of 2019/20 is required to be submitted by 24 January 2020.



(i)            The Board endorsed the 3rd quarter BCF submission for 2019/20.



Updates from Board Members


The issue of minimum unit pricing for alcohol was highlighted. It was noted that a report will be coming to this Board on this issue in due course.



(i)            The Board noted the update.






(i)            There was no other business.