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Gateshead Health and Wellbeing Board - Friday, 29th November, 2019 9.00 am

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Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor G Haley, Councillor M Foy, Councillor M Gannon, Councillor P Foy, Bill Westwood, Lynn Wilson and Mark Adams.



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The minutes of the business meeting held on 18th October 2019 and Action List are attached for approval.

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(i)            The minutes of the last meeting held on 18 October 2019 were agreed as a correct record.


The Board were also provided with an update from the Action List that was available within the agenda pack.



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Members of the Board to declare an interest in any particular agenda item.



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Gateshead Community Model for People with Learning Disabilities and/or Autism - Kirsty Sprudd pdf icon PDF 173 KB


The Board received a report seeking views on the Gateshead Community Model.


From the report it was noted that the Transforming Care Programme 2011 was introduced following the Winterbourne scandal with the aim to improve health and care services so that more people can live in the community with the right support, close to home.


An overview of the proposed community model workstreams was provided as follows:


·         Personalisation and choice

·         Health and wellbeing

·         Housing and accommodation

·         Employment and education

·         Prevention and early help


The Board were advised that the Gateshead Thrive agenda is at the heart of transforming services for people in Gateshead. Additional information was also provided on the LD Community Model Event held on 27th September that was attended by people with disabilities, families, advocates and professionals from across health and social care.


A comment was made noting that Gateshead previously had a good model in place for community care but that it hadn’t been coordinated as well as it could have been. An additional comment was made stating that targets have often got in the way of services being able to provide person-centred support.


A discussion took place on hospital provision and admissions; it was noted that hospital admissions are currently low. The Board expressed the view that a wrap-around system needs to be in place for those going into hospital care to prevent them from having to return when they are discharged.


It was commented that a number of care homes are closing, locally and nationally and that the CQC are tightening their regulations. An observation was noted that when a care home closes the impact of this closure is felt by the ‘whole system’ and it is not often possible to simply decant from one residential care provision to another. Also, as a system, we need to ensure that there is adequate community provision in place before residential places are reduced.


A request was made from the Board that evidence be presented on the safeguarding oversights considered as part of the new model; it was agreed this could be provided at a future meeting. A discussion also took place on the importance of joined up working and good communication with partners as the model evolves.



(i)            The Board requested an update on safeguarding oversights in relation to the Gateshead LD Community Model be presented at a future meeting.

(ii)           The Board agreed the report recommendations.



Overview of the Violence Reduction Unit and Future Plans - Steven Hume


The Board received a presentation from Steve Hume, Head of the Northumbria VRU to provide an overview of the new Violence Reduction Unit.


From the presentation, the Board were provided with a summary of how the VRU was established in addition to an overview of the VRU team. It was noted that the team brings together a wide range of skills and expertise in partnership working, health, education, community safety, communication, engagement and community development. It was also highlighted that a single point of contact in each of the six local authorities covered by the VRU has been identified, for Gateshead this person will be Alice Wiseman, Director of Public Health.


It was noted that the VRU are working from a series of public health influenced interventions focussed on four key themes, there are:


·         Early intervention

·         Youth diversion

·         Drugs, alcohol and homelessness

·         Mental health


The Board were provided with information in relation to Home Office measures and local measures that will be used to review the impactof work being done by the VRU. It was noted that one of the local measures will focus on increasing the quality and frequency of community response to delivering interventions aimed at reducing serious violence.


The Board were also provided with an overview of the VRU’s plans beyond March 2020 which included a greater focus on key areas such as Education, Mental Health and early intervention/family hubs.


The Board expressed their gratitude to Steve for attending the meeting and for his presentation. A comment was made acknowledging that adverse childhood experiences can lead to individuals becoming the perpetrators of violence against others; it was further stated that the work proposed on providing early intervention services would be welcomed in Gateshead.


A discussion took place on the impact of education services for those who have been permanently excluded from schools. It was noted that targeted intervention for children in these circumstances is important to minimise the likelihood of them growing up to commit violent crimes.


The Board requested that Steve attend a future meeting of the Board to provide an update on the work that is being done by the VRU. It was suggested that this takes place in the Autumn of 2020.



(i)            The Board noted the contents of the presentation.

(ii)           The Board requested an update on the work of the VRU in Autumn 2020.





Gateshead Health & Care System - update and relationship with ICP North & NENC ICS - Mark Dornan


The Board received a presentation on the Gateshead Health & Care System containing an update on the relationship with ICP North and NENC ISC.


It was noted from the presentation that there are a variety of priorities supporting people in the Gatesehad Health & Care System. These included priorities of primary care networks and neighbourhoods and of Gateshead Place in addition to ICP North and NENC ICS.


A summary of the functions under each geographical tier was provided; it was highlighted that within Gateshead the health and care vision is built on Gateshead’s ‘Thrive’ agenda which will be set out in the Health & Wellbeing Board’s new Health & Wellbeing Strategy.


From the presentation, the Board were advised that there are three priority areas for the Gateshead Health & Care system:


·         Children and Young People’s Health and Wellbeing

·         Frailty

·         People with Multiple and Complex Needs


The Board were also provided with details of other system transformation programme areas which include adult mental health (Delivering Together), community health, falls, intermediate care, community model for Learning Disabilities and end of life care.


An overview of lessons learned in 2019 was provided from the presentation. From the list it was highlighted that the focus needs to stay on the people being served, it was also stated that there needs to remain a focus on core objectives and financial constraints.


A pictogram of Practices that form the five Gateshead Primary Care Networks was provided; this included information on the practices and the focus of different tiers within primary care in Gateshead. It was stated that within the Gateshead networks there are 30 practices serving a population of 209,448 (Information from January 2019).


The Board were advised of the benefits for patients and the whole care system in addition to a summary of 2019/20 progress so far.



(i)            The Board noted the contents of the presentation.





Newcastle Gateshead Targeted Lung Health Checks Programme - Steve Kirk & Elizabeth Stainthorpe pdf icon PDF 317 KB


The Board received a presentation on the Newcastle Gateshead Targeted Lung Health Checks (TLHC) programme from Dr Steve Kirk and Elizabeth Stainthorpe.


From the presentation it was noted that the programme has been designed to target ever smokers aged 55-74 who are registered with a GP in Newcastle or Gateshead. The Board were also advised that the programme is intended to run for 4 years.


An overview of lung cancer statistics was provided, it was noted that there is a strong association between lung cancer incidence and deprivation. The Board were also provided with an overview of NGCCG figures.

The Board received an overview of the programme’s delivery model in addition to a breakdown of possible challenges that would be faced. Of the challenges it was noted that identifying suitable locations to complete screenings and the impact on primary care and wider services were being considered.


A summary of the programme’s communications and engagement plans was provided. It was noted that raising awareness of the screening programme is a priority; Dr Steve Kirk and Elizabeth Stainthorpe requested that Board members raise awareness of the programme with their respective networks.


A question was asked as to whether the funding for this programme could have been better allocated to increasing prevention work. It was stated the programme is funded by the Department for Health and that prevention activities such as smoking cessation were vital and will continue. It was further stated that the screening programme will work in parallel to this work and that funding for the screening programme is tightly regulated.


A discussion took place on the impact of having a ‘place based’ approach to the screenings in order to maximise the impact. It was noted that lessons have been learned from similar screening programmes in the past and that there is an ethos of ‘making every contact count’ in terms of patient engagement to ensure that those who are eligible are screened.



(i)            The Board noted the contents of the presentation.




Updates from Board Members


The Board were advised that Alice Wiseman’s new annual report had been published. It was stated that the report focusses on the topic of ‘aging well’.



(i)            The Board noted the update.






(i)            There was no other business.