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Health and Wellbeing Board
Friday, 1st March, 2019 10.00 am

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Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Gary Haley, Councillor Malcolm Graham, Councillor Paul Foy, Joe Corrigan, Mark Adams, Sally Young and Sheena Ramsay.


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The minutes of the business meeting held on 18th January 2019 and Action List are attached for approval

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It was highlighted that Sir Paul Ennals’ apologies were not noted in the previous minutes – this information will be updated online.




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As matters arising from the Board Action Plan it was noted that Alice Wiseman had visited the House of Lords to discuss ‘Shaping the Place’ planning. It was further noted that Gateshead are on the map with regards to local planning and policy and are emerging as leaders in this area at a national level. The Board were also advised that Alice’s trip to the Dutch Embassy for talks regarding childhood obesity have provided some ideas that will be fed in to the Public Health workshops planned on 22 March 2019.


It was also noted that the letter about research and the roll out of Universal Credit has been sent to Amber Rudd, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions in addition to all shadow ministers.


A special mention was given to John Pratt as this meeting would be his last. The Chair passed on her thanks to John for all of his contributions to the Board.


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Gateshead Health & Care Partnership: Verbal Update - All


The Board were advised that a lot of good work is currently underway on the system review to focus on prevention. The recent visit of Michael Marmot was highlighted in addition to the visit from Chris Bentley and Toby Lowe.


The Board were reminded of the additional themes of the review which included best start in life, frailty and people with complex needs. It was noted that progress is being made in terms of building relationships across the whole system with the aim of having a three year agreement in place across partners to make improvements. It was highlighted that there is a workshop planned for June 2019 to ‘hard wire’ plans and ways of collaborative working.


A discussion took place around the inclusion of the children’s agenda within the ICS/ICP planning submission; it was also noted that as part of the NHS plan announcement that more targeted work needs to be done at both a national and regional level.


A comment was made stating that the scale of change needed would be difficult to achieve against the backdrop of welfare reform. It was further stated that partners would have difficulty investing in prevention due to the increasing need to respond to individuals and families in crisis.


The Board agreed that a wider discussion and public engagement would be needed. It was also felt that the verbal update provided was positive and that the delivery of priorities was important.




(i)            The Board noted the verbal update and agreed to receive additional updates as necessary.




Public Sector Reform: Update on Programme of Work: Presentation - Mark Smith


The Board received a presentation to update the Board on Gateshead Council’s Public Service Reform from Mark Smith, Director of Public Service Reform.


It was noted from the presentation that the aim of Mark’s team is to work toward a medium to long term goal of decreasing demand for services. The Board were provided with further context around the service; it was noted that a small team was established to take a holistic approach to understand and resolve the barriers that Gateshead residents were facing that prevented them from thriving.


It was highlighted that 40 people were supported, 15 of which were identified via the Council Tax service and 25 from additional sources. It was noted that future plans for the service include offering walk ins and identifying residents in need via local data and schools. It was further noted that there would be a focus on homelessness with collaborative work with Oasis Community Housing. The Board were also advised that a lottery funding bid has been submitted by Edberts House for outreach work in Beacon Lough East.


The Board were further advised from the presentation of the six specific challenges that the team need to consider; these included:


·         Building a proactive, preventative capability

·         Regulation and inspection

·         System-wide resources

·         The wider system across Gateshead

·         Commissioning and contracts

·         Taking direct action


A comment was made noting that models of good practise could be observed from the team that are rarely seen in other organisations. It was further stated that the Citizen’s Advice Bureau had become the default support for many individuals and families struggling to cope as local authority budgets became strained which makes this current venture significant.


It was noted that the aims of the team chime well with the Council’s Thrive Agenda and show good examples of a whole system approach. It was however noted that it should be made a priority to do a full analysis of the effectiveness of the team to prove return on investment in terms of staffing costs and other budgets.




(i)            The Board noted the contents of the presentation.


Adverse Childhood Experiences - Caroline O'Neill pdf icon PDF 89 KB


The Board received a report to seek support in promoting Gateshead as an ‘ACE’, Adverse Childhood Experiences, aware Council so that the wider workforce and partners understand the wider workforce and partners understand the significant impact of ACEs on the health and wellbeing of Gateshead’s children and adults.


It was highlighted that the first of the Council’s 5 pledges under the Making Gateshead a Place where Everyone Thrives is “putting people and families at the heart of everything that we do.”


Two videos were shown to the Board; the first was an animated clip illustrating the story of a young boy and the impact ACE’s have had on his adult life. The second video was a TED Talk video presented by Nadine Burke Harris explaining how childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime.


A comment was made noting that significant numbers of children within Gateshead are facing ACE’s and that is important that partners are aware of this. It was also stated that the focus on adults as well as children was welcomed as the CCG are undergoing work around trauma informed care.


A further comment was made noting that the TED Talk video was American and may have over-medicalised the issue; it was also stated that UK inequalities are not as broad as those in America. It was also acknowledged that some adults who suffered ACE’s as children can go on to lead functional and healthy lives.




(i)            The Board noted the contents of the report and video clips.


'Thriving in Gateshead' Workshop: Discussion - All


Alice Wiseman advised the Board that if they wanted to be involved with the steering group to contact her direct.




(i)            The Board noted the comment.


'Thriving in Gateshead' Workshop Next Steps - Alice Wiseman


Alice Wiseman advised the Board that if they wanted to be involved with the workshops to contact her direct.




(i)            The Board noted the comment.



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-       Letter from the Chair to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions regarding Universal Credit

-       Slide pack from the Thriving Conference held on 23rd January.


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