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Disposal of Council land at High Spen and Saltwell

Meeting: 26/04/2022 - Cabinet (Item 186)

Development of New Homes in Saltwell and High Spen by the Gateshead Regeneration Partnership

Report of the Strategic Director, Economy, Innovation and Growth and Strategic Director, Housing, Environment and Healthy Communities


Consideration has been given to the freehold transfer of Hyde Park in Saltwell and the former Hookergate School in High Spen to the Gateshead Regeneration Limited Liability Partnership (GRP), to enable the development of 106 homes.






That the transfer of the freehold interest in the Hyde Park and Hookergate sites as shown in the plans attached to the report, with an aggregate transfer value of the amount set out in the report, in accordance with the Agreement for Sale to the GRP, for the provision of new homes be approved.




The above decision has been made for the following reasons:






To support the delivery of 58 affordable homes in Saltwell, provide family homes to meet the housing needs of the Jewish community, secure Homes England funding being invested in the borough.






To achieve and complete the regeneration objectives set out by the Council, its partners and the community in 2005 for the Bensham and Saltwell area.






To make best use of a surplus asset and enable new family homes in Winlaton and High Spen ward.






To enable income to accrue to the Council and training, employment and socio-economic benefits for the residents and businesses of Gateshead.






To bring forward a vacant Council owned site for redevelopment and remove holding costs to the Council.






To utilise the Council’s land and property portfolio to support the Council’s policy priorities in accordance with the provisions of the Council’s Corporate Asset Strategy and Management Plan and Housing Strategy 2019-30.