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HRA Asset Management Strategy Options Appraisals and next steps

Meeting: 22/02/2022 - Cabinet (Item 137)

137 Housing Revenue Account Options Appraisal Recommendations pdf icon PDF 273 KB

Report of the Strategic Director, Housing, Environment and Healthy Communities


Consideration has been given to progress made against the options appraisals identified in the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) Asset Management Strategy and to the proposal to decommission Redheugh, Eslington and Warwick Courts as part of the work to support a statutorily compliant business plan, able to fund a compliant, well maintained and sustainable housing stock.




The alternative options to those being recommended, but which were discounted, including retaining the blocks with vary levels of investment and in respect of Warwick Court decommissioning and demolishing the block without any further appraisal.






That the decommissioning of Redheugh and Eslington Courts and the associated garages from April 2022, with these buildings being demolished over the following three years from 2022/23, be approved.






That the decommissioning of Warwick Court from April 2022 and the commencement of an appraisal of the building structure to assess whether it can be decommissioned, renovated and recommissioned to provide an alternative smaller specialist housing offer, be approved.






That the prioritisation of tenants of the above mentioned blocks for rehousing; the issuing of Home-loss and disturbance payments as appropriate and the removal of the existing void properties from the Housing Revenue Account rent roll, be approved.






That the Strategic Director, Housing, Environment and Healthy Communities be authorised to commence negotiations to acquire the two residential leasehold properties and develop a suitable compensation package and should negotiations not be successful, to compulsorily acquire the properties using compulsory purchase powers as a last resort.






That the extension of the HRA Estate Regeneration Officer post to March 2025, and changes to the residential caretaker arrangements in the blocks, to support the decommissioning process, be approved.




The above decisions have been made for the following reasons:






To set a Housing Revenue Account that is not in debit as required under the Local Government and Housing Act 1989 (Part VI) and is able to meet its short- and long-term investment requirements. 






To realise the Council’s policies and objectives in relation to the Housing Strategy in order to maintain and enhance Council Housing provision in Gateshead. 






To assist in the delivery of the Council’s vision for Gateshead as set out in Making Gateshead a Place where Everyone Thrives.