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School Admission Arrangements 21/22 and beyond

Meeting: 22/02/2022 - Cabinet (Item 145)

145 Primary Community Controlled School Admissions Arrangements and Co-ordinated Admission Schemes for Primary and Secondary Schools for 2023/24 pdf icon PDF 1 MB

Report of the Strategic Director, Children, Adults and Families


Consideration has been given to the proposed Community and Voluntary Controlled Primary Schools Admission Policy 2023; the proposed Co-ordinated admission schemes for Infant, Junior, Primary schools and Secondary Schools 2023; and the proposed Planned Admission Numbers (PANs) for Community schools for 2023/24.






That the Community and Voluntary Controlled Primary Admissions Policy as set out in appendix 2 to the report be approved and adopted for September 2023.






That the approved admissions policies for September 2022 are used, as a basis of consultation, if necessary, with schools and others for formulating the relevant admissions policies from September 2023/24 onwards.






That the approved two co-ordinated admission schemes for Secondary, Infant Junior and Primary schools, as set out in  appendix 3 to the report, be adopted for September 2023.






That it be noted the Planned Admissions Numbers (PANs) for all community Primary schools, as set out in appendix 3 to the report, are to be adopted by the governing bodies of each school.






That the change in PAN for both Brighton Avenue and South Street Primary Schools be approved.




The above decisions have been made to enable the Council to comply with statutory legislation as it relates to school admissions policies, admission arrangements and co-ordinated admission arrangements.