Issue - meetings

Review of the School Music Service

Meeting: 20/07/2021 - Cabinet (Item 46)

Analysis and Response to the Consultation Regarding the Restructure of the Music Service

Report of the Strategic Director, Children, Adults and Families


Consideration has been given to a summary analysis of the results from the consultation regarding the restructure and refocussing of the Gateshead Music Service.






That the proposals as set out in the report be approved as a considered response to the consultation.






That a further report be submitted to Cabinet in due course, to assess the impact of an increase in individual and small group tuition fees and the progress Gateshead Music Service has made in reaching more children across the borough.






That the contribution of the respondents to the consultation in helping to shape the agreed proposals, be acknowledged.




The above decisions have been made to ensure that the music service offer is designed to be inclusive and offers fair access to all communities in the borough so making Gateshead a place where everyone can Thrive.